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Bad Names for Programs

rindolf marzy: Emacs is not a better vim. They are very different.
rindolf marzy: I could never get used to Emacs, but have used Vim for many years.
marzy rindolf Emacs + Evil mode makes a better vim
rindolf marzy: does it support all Vim extensions?
marzy no, that's why its better. it doesn't come with retarded scripting language!!
rindolf marzy: well, it's still not 100% compatible with vim.
rindolf marzy: and Evil is an awful name. Sorry.
rindolf "The only thing more evil than XSLT is XSLT edited with Emacs Evil mode." ;-)
marzy i think it's a good name considering emacs and vi(m) rivalry
rindolf marzy: of course, I've heard worse - coq and coccinelle.
rindolf And then there's this guy here who called his programming language Flua which reminds me of Flu and Influenza.
Reactionary rindolf: lol
dardevelin rindolf, flua IDE is not that bad to be fair (at least the little i tried )
rindolf dardevelin: didn't say *it* was bad - I said the name was bad.
rindolf dardevelin: and I could never get it running here. Problems with Py3 and PyQt.
dardevelin rindolf, oh that sucks... :/
rindolf dardevelin: yes.
dardevelin rindolf, yeah i know you didn't said it was bad, just as gave you my opinion on it as a side note. sorry i should have made it more explicit :)
rindolf Of course, Evil is not as bad a name as SLIME, which is another Emacs mode.
dardevelin rindolf, i had troubles with SLIME once and boy i got tired of fighting with it
rindolf Reportedly it was also the nickname of an internal Microsoft version control system called SLM (that is now largely discontinued).
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