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Bad Taste

Dr_Coke sunnymilk seems to match my personality
Dr_Coke she’s into computers and seems fairly smart apart from the katy perry comment
rindolf Dr_Coke: for the record, there are some Katy Perry songs that I'm fond of as well.
Dr_Coke rindolf I'm sorry to hear that
rindolf Dr_Coke: different people have different tastes.
Dr_Coke well rindolf that's bad taste
rindolf Dr_Coke: "*bad* taste"?
rindolf Dr_Coke: by bad taste do you mean "taste that doesn't matches mine"?
jss_alpha rindolf that's what people always mean by bad taste
rindolf jss_alpha: heh, heh.
Dr_Coke rindolf Katy Perry is bad taste
Channel ##programming
Network Freenode
Tagline Your bad taste is not my bad taste.