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blehblah hi
kalx blehblah: sup
blehblah not much, gettin ready to release :)
kalx blehblah: nice, releases are always fun (well, at least the feeling afterwards)
blehblah kalx, it's a nice feeling when you release an improved version of your stuff, it's exciting
kalx haha. I only had the caveat because releases can be different depending on the project. (Deploying to a live server environment can be stressful sometimes)
blehblah oh, pff, nah i'm just consumer software.
rindolf blehblah: consumer software? Do people consume your software? ;-)
rindolf blehblah: is there less of it left after they pay for/use it?
blehblah :D
txdv rindolf: the consumer consumes the souls of the developers with their requests and what not
rindolf txdv: heh.
ashmew2 this discussion WILL deter prospective developers
ashmew2 :/
* rindolf consumes txdv's soul.
txdv i have no soul
txdv nothing to consume there
rindolf txdv: that's good - souls are a nuisance.
blehblah txdv: consumer = management? :D (j/k)
* rindolf consumes txdv completely.
Xgc Even in the electronic case, resources are limited. Each download may reduce the product available.
txdv canibalism man
txdv Mein Teil
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