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Introducing dazjorz to Zuu

dazjorz rindolf!
dazjorz areth thou here?
rindolf Hi dazjorz
dazjorz :)
rindolf dazjorz: yes, I are here.
dazjorz isn't it kind of weird to have a programming channel when there are language specific channels around?
Zuu Muhah!
rindolf dazjorz: this is about programming in general.
rindolf At least theoretically.
rindolf And VB.NET questions.
joeyadams Well, ##programming is a good place to ask C questions and actually get helpful answers :)
dazjorz rindolf: did you intentionally make it look like is not programming?
rindolf dazjorz: meet Zuu - he's into Windows and D and stuff.
dazjorz !
rindolf dazjorz: no.
rindolf dazjorz: VB.NET is programming.
dazjorz hey Zuu, I'm dazjorz, I'm into linux and c and stuff.
rindolf But it has its own channel.
Zuu :>
dazjorz rindolf: I've been thinking about changing nicks
rindolf dazjorz: ah. so did I.
* Zuu is into everything sane, except the boring stuff
rindolf dazjorz: to what?
dazjorz rindolf: my current one is waaaay too lame, but "sjors" is probably too generic
rindolf dazjorz: I like dazjorz
dazjorz rindolf: I don't, because when people see my name is sjors, da zjorz is just too lame to bear
dazjorz rindolf: I was thinking about sjors, or some three-letter abbreviation of my name, sjg or so
Zuu how about.... 'carrot' ?
dazjorz I think I do prefer dazjorz over carrot
Zuu no worries, i promise not to stuff you up rindolf's tomato nose
Zuu hum :<
dazjorz Zuu: when I first read your nick on Shlomi's site five minutes ago, I asked him whether you were a mix between Zorix and Buu
dazjorz do you know the two?
rindolf Zoffix and buu.
Zuu nope
dazjorz uh zoffix yeah
dazjorz Zuu: okay, well, you don't know them, but believe me, I'm glad you're not a mix of the two, that would be horrible :P
Zuu im a mix of much worse personalities im sure
Zuu most of them just happen to cancel each other out
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