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/dev/null is webscale.

oilio so what the point of hashes, can't we just use void pointers to key/val ?
rindolf oilio: hashes as in hash tables?
oilio yes
rindolf oilio: OK.
rindolf oilio: they are one way to efficiently implement the dictionary Abstract Data Type (ADT).
rindolf oilio: a hash table can store more than one key , value pair.
oilio yeah, I read about it in the wikipedia
rindolf oilio: and you can lookup a value based on a key efficiently.
arubin Linear search is good enough for everyone.
oilio indolf: what if the hole table wont fit in the memory?
oilio RAM
arubin Swap.
arubin Amazon S3.
imlearningyacc well if no ram and no swap no allocation
arubin We have the whole Internet for our tables.
imlearningyacc well
diminoten ask reddit how that worked out
arubin And remember, /dev/null is web-scale.
imlearningyacc yea, I store all my data in /dev/null
rindolf oilio: then you'll need to use a more sophisticated (and slower) data structure that can offload to disk.
arubin It is really fast.
arubin I use the Boost libraries for /dev/null too.
arubin And I use async writes to /dev/null.
rindolf arubin: heh.
diminoten don't want to get into resource contention when using /dev/null
* rindolf uses /dev/null for backups.
diminoten only so much null to go around
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