The Universal Die - Fortune

The Universal Die

monsterwizard Ok so I know javascript, php, perl in some detail. However, I want to become good at one. I was thinking Perl?
rindolf monsterwizard: roll a die.
monsterwizard rindolf the die showed a 7 :S
rindolf monsterwizard: heh.
hmm lol
rindolf monsterwizard: strange die.
hmm throw away the die
* rindolf throws the die at hmm
* hmm catches
rindolf die, die, die!
* hmm wants to live
rindolf hmm: but the die wants to die.
rindolf Take it out of its misery.
hmm who knows, even the die isn't ready to die
rindolf hmm: dice should be diced.
rindolf dice on ice.
hmm yeah, go dice the dice
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