Eat or be eaten - Fortune

Eat or be eaten

pulse that feel when you're hungry but you're too lazy to cook food
rindolf pulse: do you have apples or snacks?
Flonk pulse: 3pm, still didn't manage
novare #ramennoodleslifestyle
Flonk I know your feel
rindolf pulse: can you order pizza?
pulse Flonk, same here, lol
pulse rindolf, yeah but i have no cash on me
pulse so it's either cook food or starve
rindolf pulse: ah.
pulse rindolf, i have bananas
pulse :D
pulse no apples
adsc pulse: you could hunt for neighbour's cats
pulse i like my neighbour's cats
pulse they're cute
pulse also i don't eat cats
adsc then hunt further away in your neighbourhood
pulse or any sort of meat for that matter
adsc oh
adsc then hunt for their fruits and vegetables
pulse :D
* pulse packs a rifle
pulse pesky carrots, won't get away from me this time
PlanckWalk If you eat cats, then you'll be reducing the amount of meat eaten in the world.
adsc shotgunning the ground is a surprisingly effective way to reveal the treasures that lie within
pulse PlanckWalk, that's paradoxical. i'll be eating meat so i'll be increasing it
PlanckWalk But you'll be reducing the meat that would otherwise be eaten by those cats in their life!
pulse ah.
pulse i don't mind cats eating meat
adsc and he'll increase the corn that's eaten by mice
adsc which increases world hunger
adsc so it's bad to eat cats
adsc better eat dogs
adsc they are useless
adsc although I guess they to have a positive impact on sales of the shoe industry
adsc so maybe it's not good to eat dogs either, or the shoe industry will falter
pulse now i'm not hungry anymore
pulse so this chat was somewhat beneficial
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