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ispy Emulating a Clueless Newbie

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ispy_ hi gang.
ispy_ I'm a n00b programmer and think I should learn A and B before C, right?
std_orb ispy_: General understanding should come before that.
ispy_ std_orb: I have no idea what I'm doing...
std_orb ispy_: I can see that
* ispy_ kicks the dirt...
tommy_the-dragon ive been meaning to get into it
ispy_ Is C like JavaScript?
ispy_ Same thing right?
tommy_the-dragon ispy_: lol
rindolf ispy_: Perl is more like C than JS is.
ispy_ rindolf: Never heard of Perl... I should google that.
rindolf ispy_: use Bing search instead.
rindolf Or Altavista.
Terminus rindolf: i see.
ispy_ rindolf, std_orb, tommy_the-dragon ... thanks for the pointers :)
rindolf ispy_: you should learn Intercal, it's the most expressive language possible.
ispy_ rindolf: Sounds exciting!
Terminus intercal... lol!
ispy_ haha
ispy_ ok ok ok... I can't continue this... I'm practically laughing my ass off at my desk.
rindolf :-)
ispy_ hehe
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