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amigojapan it seems the Tokyo Hackerspace has finally moved to it’s new location, I was waiting for this in order to give my programming 101 class over at their place….
rindolf amigojapan: s/it’s/its
amigojapan ty rindolf
rindolf amigojapan: you're welcome .
amigojapan rindolf: I really find that English rule strange, usually ’s is possesive
rindolf amigojapan: well, you don't say he’s instead of his.
amigojapan but its is the correct posessive for it
rindolf amigojapan: yes, it is.
amigojapan true
aidanh amigojapan: With English, the only rule is that there are always exceptions
amigojapan hehehe true aidanh , jkhdkjdsh shjsad sdlkhlsk ads h kds <— I declare this noew valid english :)
aidanh Heh
* amigojapan shoudl read his gibrish before posting, what if by pure chance I write something encriminating :)
rindolf amigojapan: you misspelled "shsjad"
amigojapan lol, rindolf
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