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olamachon Yay! is back up.
rindolf olamachon: <olamachon> Yay! is back up.
rindolf <doomlord__> xeno_ actually seeing rust on ==> that's great.
olamachon rindolf: ?
rindolf olamachon: sorry, I meant that it's great that is up.
olamachon rindolf: haha ya. Pretty exciting, might write a short novella about it.
rindolf olamachon: heh.
olamachon The Svniliion: The trials and tribulations of a programmers journey to get information about php
rindolf “The day when returned.” -- by olamachon
rindolf olamachon: heh.
olamachon rindolf: Ah thats it. So much better.
olamachon rindolf: Hopefully I'll get like a 10 sec clip in some svn documentary on the history channel
XMPPwocky rindolf: you *know* that the people working on svn.php had to have an offline backup
rindolf olamachon: I like your title too.
olamachon rindolf: "And it went down, and that is how I knew it was the beginning of the end"
rindolf olamachon: heh.
XMPPwocky rindolf: because otherwise nobody could remember which way the arguments go for anything
rindolf olamachon: “I sulked in my suffering. It was the kind of suffering that tore your heart to shreds. A programmer’s suffering. Nothing could equal it.”
olamachon XMPPwocky: ya I was thinking about asking my fellow ner... connoisseurs.... if they might have a backup
olamachon rindolf: "a lonely life full of 1's and 0's"
rindolf olamachon: heh.
olamachon rindolf: I smell the beginning of an organically grown IRC novel
rindolf olamachon: this would definitely make a bestseller.
rindolf olamachon: heh.
rindolf olamachon: maybe I'll prepare a convo log out of it -
olamachon hahahah
rindolf olamachon: “I remembered the happy days when I was using the svn server back when it was at its prime. Running. Functioning. These days seem so distant now.”
rindolf LOL.
olamachon rindolf: "Soon I realized we were at a turning point in a cultural revolution"
rindolf olamachon: hmm... you can do "better" than that.
rindolf olamachon: - I actually wrote some novellas and screenplay-of-sorts here.
olamachon rindolf: right right, novellas. I was thinking more like I was the glue guy in a documentary
olamachon rindolf: So I was trying to be super cliche
rindolf olamachon: ah.
rindolf olamachon: so was I.
olamachon rindolf: I like the ironic cliche where it actually means nothing
olamachon rindolf: its just all good sounding filler
rindolf “I looked at the clock on my desktop. Each seconds seemed like a century. What will I do without the svn server online? What can I do? What can I do about it? Who am I asking all these questions?”
rindolf olamachon: I wonder where I first read cliches such as that. Maybe it was someone parodying them.
olamachon rindolf: "Then I had an existential epiphany. What is SVN? What am I? What are we doing in this universe? This foray into the metaphysical was cut short by a brief glance at the clock. It's 5 o'clock. f**k this s**t, I'm getting drunk."
rindolf olamachon: heh.
rindolf olamachon: do you actually write?
olamachon rindolf: never
rindolf olamachon: ah, I see.
olamachon rindolf: is it that obvious? haha
rindolf olamachon: you may be a natural.
olamachon rindolf: I wrote like an essay or two in university, they were like 2 pages haha
rindolf olamachon: ah, so little?
olamachon rindolf: I read a copious amount of literature
rindolf olamachon: ah, OK.
rindolf olamachon: OK, I'll keep this conversation.
olamachon rindolf: Perhaps that has a prolific effect on my penchant for the perverse verbosity?
rindolf olamachon: and put it on that page.
rindolf olamachon: yes, maybe.
olamachon rindolf: Sure. I feel like we may be getting a bit off-topic here
rindolf olamachon: yes, well, is back - that's what important.
rindolf Seize the svn.
rindolf Carpe svn!
olamachon rindolf: Nice. I see what you did there. I am literally doing that as fast as I can
rindolf Well, not sure the Latin is right.
olamachon carpe is the seize part
rindolf "Occupy!"
olamachon diem is day
rindolf olamachon: yes, I know.
rindolf But maybe svn has to be conjugated.
olamachon oh was carpe diem an idiom?
olamachon carpe svnus?
rindolf Carpe svni?
olamachon ^
rindolf Carpe svna?
rindolf Carpe svnis?
rindolf Not sure.
rindolf My Latin is weak.
rindolf I know the plural of Pentium is Pentia.
pyon olamachon: "Carpe diem" means something like "live/enjoy this day"
olamachon pyon: Seize the day
pyon Yeah.
rindolf Well, carpe meant quite a few things.
rindolf In Latin at least.
olamachon This is unbelievably slow. On a 1gbps connection, php docs have been downloading for 15 minutes so far
rindolf olamachon: I see.
olamachon I'm trying to grab it all incase I need it later, but with my luck it will drop out again before the 1 file I need
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