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gcc warning flags

doomrobo rindolf, I got redirected to your gcc important flags page today and I think you may be missing a few things
rindolf doomrobo: do you mean the one in the talk?
rindolf doomrobo: which page are you referring to?
doomrobo rindolf, lemme see
rindolf http://www.shlomifish.org/lecture/W2L/Development/slides/gcc/flags.html - heh, first Google hit for "gcc important flags"
rindolf At least for me.
doomrobo yeah
rindolf doomrobo: OK, I did not originate that page originally.
doomrobo ok
rindolf doomrobo: and it served a certain purpose as material for slides to the Haifa Linux Club's Welcome to Linux series.
doomrobo nice
* jrslepak always found it funny that -Wall doesn't turn on all of the warnings
jrslepak . o O ( gcc -Wno-really-I-mean-all ... )
rindolf -Wevery-warning-under-the-sun-and-then-some
rindolf -W42
rindolf -Wchuck-norris
doomrobo -Wextra
doomrobo -whipped-cream
jrslepak and of course -WTF
rindolf jrslepak: :-)
rindolf -Worse
rindolf -Worse-is-better
jrslepak -Wat
rindolf -Whoops
doomrobo -S -Illy -Wabbit
rindolf Heh.
jrslepak -Wascally-wabbit
jrslepak (which really needs to be the name of a future Ubuntu release)
doomrobo people reading this are probably just shaking their heads
jrslepak hey, at least it's not -fallow-undecidable-instances ¬_¬
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