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mrfhitz I use the DNS to because my contry bloks some webpages from us. So the only way to access the pages its to use a external DNS or a proxy.
kadoban mrfhitz: They just block at the DNS level? Brilliant.
GeDaMo kadoban: lots of places do that
schquid kadoban, these are probably the same people that prefix anything computer related with "cyber" :D
kadoban schquid: Heh.
rindolf schquid: heh.
rindolf schquid: I detest the "cyber" modifier.
GeDaMo Do you ... cyberdetest it? :P
rindolf GeDaMo: heh.
adsc rindolf: how did it even happen that people use "cyber" for computery stuff?
schquid rindolf, yeah me too. Sadly the main users are people in positions of power
rindolf schquid: yes.
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