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wes_ tell me how can u print a message without using a semicolon in the printg statement
rindolf wes_: in C?
rindolf wes_: do you mean the printf(...) statement?
wes_ yes
rindolf wes_: you cannot without using macros I think.
rindolf wes_: and don't use macros for that.
wes_ i mean without using a semicolon at the printf statement but you have to use printf only
rindolf wes_: why would you want to do that?
rindolf wes_: what do you have against semicolons?
rindolf Some of my best friends are semicolons.
lulzfish_4 semicolons got me where I am today man
rindolf lulzfish_4: heh.
rindolf "I owe it all to semicolons."
amigojapan hey rindolf lulzfish_4
rindolf Hi amigojapan
rindolf amigojapan: what's up?
* rindolf gives a semicolon to amigojapan
* amigojapan returns a whitespace to rindolf
rindolf amigojapan: that's not fair trade.
rindolf But I'll treasure the whitespace.
amigojapan rindolf: a whitespace is just as valuable as a semicolon in python :)
rindolf amigojapan: aren't semicolons optional in Py?
amigojapan rindolf: I think they are
amigojapan rindolf: actually, a whitespace can be as valuable as 2 curly braces :)
rindolf amigojapan: heh.
rindolf amigojapan: you need 4 spaces to distinguish stuff properly.
amigojapan rindolf: one thing I never got about python is why they need the : after if and for statements....
* PythonSnake gives a colon to rindolf
PythonSnake :)
amigojapan rindolf: actually, I preffer using tabs to 4 spacess...
rindolf PythonSnake: thanks for the colon.
PythonSnake rindolf: lol
rindolf PythonSnake: I'll give you a « and a » in exchange.
PythonSnake lol
amigojapan rindolf: the fact that you dont have a rule to how much white space you must use to indent in python, I think is a bad thing...
* PythonSnake finds a interrobang
PythonSnake :)
amigojapan rindolf: if it is 4 spaces then fine, but make it a rule so it is consistent
PythonSnake lol
PythonSnake ‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡‡
rindolf ¿
PythonSnake ₳ ฿ ₵ ¢ ₡ ₢ ₠ $ ₫ ৳ ₯ € ƒ ₣ ₲ ₴ ₭ ℳ ₥ ₦ ₧ ₱ ₰
PythonSnake :)
amigojapan rindolf: oh, now you are speaking spanish
rindolf amigojapan: :-)
PythonSnake all: :)
rindolf ¡I am!
amigojapan うるさいよ 文字化け
PythonSnake Jag förvrängd bullriga
PythonSnake איך גאַרבאַלד טומלדיק
PythonSnake :)
amigojapan ah, hebrew
amigojapan hir something....
PythonSnake º, ª
amigojapan man, I forgot how to read hebrew
rindolf amigojapan: איך גאַרבאַלד טומלדיק seems like Yiddish.
amigojapan rindolf: ah, ok.... can you change it into roman letters for me?
rindolf amigojapan: Ich Garbald Tomldiq.
amigojapan ich would be I
amigojapan I think I only know curse words in yuddish :P
PythonSnake ich bin masaru
lulzfish_4 ich bin ein berlinner
* rindolf is eating watermelon.
amigojapan rindolf: save a piece for me :)
rindolf amigojapan: I'll save a semicolon for you.
PiX3L rindolf: For me too. :)
amigojapan rindolf: a semicolon looks alot like twso pits of a watermellon
* amigojapan steals PiX3L 's piece
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