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Hot Pink

rindolf Hi all.
DrIranian hiiiiiii :)
rindolf DrIranian: can I take one of your "i"s?
* DrIranian agrees after long consideration
* rindolf takes one of DrIranian 's "i" and colours it hot pink.
iwanttobreakfree how old were you when you first started programming? i was 15-16
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: I was about 10.
DrIranian :D
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: I wrote in XT BIOS BASIC.
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: what did you write in?
DrIranian rindolf: Girls calling me housewife, asking me for cooking advice, and now you paint my i pink :D
iwanttobreakfree PaScAl
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: ah, Pascal.
pulse iwanttobreakfree, 12-13ish
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: a Bondage-and-Discipline language.
rindolf Mostly dead now.
vdamewood I feel a need to write more stuff.
iwanttobreakfree you have higher IQ then i guess
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: what makes you think that?
iwanttobreakfree dunno
vdamewood I have a book on Pascal that I've never actually read.
iwanttobreakfree it seemed to simple?
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: and IQ is a silly measurement of intelligence not to say competence and performance.
DrIranian IQ is good for a basic measurement
vdamewood I once passed an IQ test.
vdamewood > 60 is passing, right?
DrIranian :(
iwanttobreakfree actually you can have super high competence, but when you don't want to do the job, then it doesn't count
DrIranian 105 is passing
DrIranian vdamewood: if you can turn on IRC, you probably have 105
rindolf isn't the average IQ 90?
vdamewood rindolf: 100
Serpentine_ Values below a small threshold deviating from 100 are generally very inaccurate
rindolf DrIranian: "turn on IRC"?
DrIranian rindolf: The same IQ in different countries is not the same
Serpentine_ 100 points is defined as the mean and median in IQ tests
Zeno` no wonder people are so stupid
* vdamewood passed Zeno` the state-sponsored happy pills.
rindolf vdamewood: Black Bile!
Myrl-saki Guys.
rindolf Myrl-saki: and girls.
* vdamewood gives rindolf some Yellow bile to balance his humors.
rindolf vdamewood: I want hot pink bile.
* DrIranian seconds
DrIranian I want pink bile
rindolf vdamewood: so it will match the colour of DrIranian 's "i".
vdamewood rindolf: Your only other choices are blood and phlegm
vdamewood I can give you a mixture of 1 parts blood, 5 parts phlegm
rindolf vdamewood: that's OK, I still have a lot of hot pink paint left to colour that bile.
DrIranian vdamewood: those are the standard options, we are talking about tuning the fluids
rindolf LOL.
Myrl-saki Wtf is happening.
Myrl-saki `echo 'a' > Foo`
Myrl-saki Then reading it in, say, Haskell and Java, it's "a\n"
rindolf Myrl-saki: echo appends a newline by default.
rindolf Myrl-saki: you can use echo -n IIRC
rindolf not sure how portable -n is.
Myrl-saki rindolf: Oh, I see.
vdamewood IIRC --> In internet-relay chat
Myrl-saki rindolf: That doesn't explain why vim and nano also saves that way though.
vdamewood Because vim and nano assume you want a new line at the end of your text file.
Myrl-saki vdamewood: I see.
rindolf Myrl-saki: it's a configuration option.
rindolf Myrl-saki: kate doesn't do it by default.
Myrl-saki vdamewood: Why though?
* rindolf colours the newline hot pink.
vdamewood Because they're text files.
Myrl-saki vdamewood: What's the benefit of such?
iwanttobreakfree guys i have a genius idea: to make a programming language which supports all syntaxes ( func. programming, logic programming, OOP, etc)
Myrl-saki iwanttobreakfree: lol
rindolf Myrl-saki: for once cat $file works nicer.
vdamewood iwanttobreakfree: C++?
DrIranian iwanttobreakfree: is this back in the future?
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: syntaxes or semanticses?
iwanttobreakfree it doesn't support func programming and logic pr.
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: or do you mean paradigms?
iwanttobreakfree everything!
* vdamewood gives rindolf 20 cents.
vdamewood (That's a pair o' dimes)
* Archer gives iwanttobreakfree 60secs to say something intelligent
iwanttobreakfree it's all mixed up. you can program everything with it
* rindolf colours 10 of these cents hot pink.
* vdamewood pats Archer on the head.
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: we have a saying in Hebrew : "Catch a lot - didn't catch anything"
vdamewood Looks like 60 seconds are up.
iwanttobreakfree such a approach would result a highly effective program code and it would save thousands of human lives and it's a work of a lifetime for some people.
rindolf iwanttobreakfree: also, reportedly Linus Torvalds once said that his primary responsibility as the chief developer of the Linux kernel is to say "No.".
iwanttobreakfree i mean, you know logic programming languages and func. you know the differences? when you can mix them, then you could have better code
snyp void free() { abort(); }
Serpentine_ iwanttobreakfree: You may have misspelled "Python"
vdamewood snyp: void *malloc(size_t sz) { return (void*)rand(); }
sbrg void* malloc(size_t sz) { real_malloc(3 * sz); return real_malloc(sz); }
snyp you know... coz he wants to break free.
rindolf snyp: like Queen? ;-)
snyp you know... coz he wants to break free().
snyp like LD_PRELOAD'ing a broken free
Archer quiet(Account.find("iwanttobreakfree"))
snyp dammit.
rindolf snyp: - if you don't get the ref.
rindolf snyp: heh.
snyp rindolf: i know the song
rindolf snyp: nice pun.
vdamewood void *malloc(size_t sz) { void *r = real_malloc(sz); free(r); return r; }
rindolf snyp: good!
iwanttobreakfree sorry busy at work
snyp but i didn't quite like it when i heard it.. my fav queen song is bohemian rhapsody
snyp probably the only queen song i like
rindolf snyp: ah, I only like the Muppets' cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Have you seen it?
snyp no
pulse snyp,
vdamewood void *malloc(size_t sz) { int i; return &i; }
rindolf snyp: here -
* snyp watches
vdamewood I
rindolf vdamewood: heh.
vdamewood I'm going to stop coming up with horrible implementations of malloc() now.
rindolf Maybe we should write our own libc.
ams` void *malloc (ssize_t x) { static void *a[4096]; static int ap; return a[ap++]; }
ams` muhahaha
unreal Afternoon vinleod :)
snyp rindolf: lol it's awesome
rindolf snyp: :-)
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