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How to get a Job?

Myrl-saki I'd accept any job offered to me on the spot, probably.
thecha Myrl-saki try to get a short internship /preferebly paid
FAMAS thecha: your reply is not made from a global point of view
Myrl-saki As long as it's not Java.
thecha and if you do 3 or so of them you are bound to be handed a job if you ask for on e at the end of them
sbrg sure
Myrl-saki lol
thecha just make a good impression: be pleaseant to be around with, be on time, be dilligent in your work, try to make your work better every day
sbrg How to get a job with a cs degree in Denmark: 1. get degree 2. get job
thecha if you work in this way you will make yourself very valuable to your company and they wont let you leave
Myrl-saki sbrg: lol
thecha Myrl-saki so i guess move to denmark
Myrl-saki thecha: First step. Obtain a job.
thecha no first step obtain internships
thecha :D
Myrl-saki thecha: First step. Obtain internship.
sbrg How to get a job: 1. get a job for 5 years for 5 years of experience. 2. get a job easily because you have 5 years of experience.
sbrg easy!
Myrl-saki sbrg: lol
thecha the job you get for the 5 years of exp does it require 5 years exp?
sbrg yes.
Myrl-saki lol
Myrl-saki So true.
sbrg thecha: no, sorry
sbrg misread
sbrg it requires 10 years of experience
thecha well no problem then, just get a previous job for 5 years for every new job you get
thecha what kindof experience are you getting at work anyways?
sbrg how to get a job: 1. solve the halting problem. 2. write a program that, given a job and an application you have written, terminates if you will be hired. 3. run halting problem solver on program for all jobs/applications 4. ??? 5. Profit
Myrl-saki sbrg: Lol.
sbrg How to solve your unemployment issue: 1. create skynet 2. die at the hands of skynet 3. there are no humans so there are no jobs so by vacuous truth everyone has a job
rindolf sbrg: heh.
sbrg i'm full of good solutions today
sbrg if I could only solve this deadlock issue
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