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I Wanna Be a Hacker

* hackerhackingcan (~hackingca@ has joined ##programming
hackerhackingcan Hi friends
hackerhackingcan I am also new to hacking
rindolf hackerhackingcan: hi.
rindolf hackerhackingcan: I hope you mean software development - not computer intrusion.
hackerhackingcan what means intrusion?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: it means breaking into other people's systems.
hackerhackingcan I want to hack the internet websites like google and facebook
rindolf hackerhackingcan: hack?
hackerhackingcan can you help please?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: hack into?
hackerhackingcan yes I am new but I will try and learn
hackerhackingcan but can you help me rindolf?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: we won't help you break into systems.
pkkm wut? hack into google?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: with what?
hackerhackingcan hack into facebook google and internet
rindolf hackerhackingcan: we build systems - not break them.
hackerhackingcan please?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: http://catb.org/~esr/writings/unix-koans/script-kiddie.html
rindolf hackerhackingcan: if you want to learn how to program, we can help you.
rindolf hackerhackingcan: but trying to break into computer systems will only get you in trouble.
hackerhackingcan I can do programming in html
rindolf hackerhackingcan: HTML is not a programming language.
hackerhackingcan is that enough for hacking?
vinleod hackerhackingcan: There's no such things as programming in HTML.
hackerhackingcan I can also do hacks in cmd
vinleod Ah, a script kiddie.
hackerhackingcan what you mean by scrpt kiddie?
hackerhackingcan ok now I know
hackerhackingcan you all dont want other people to know about hacking
hackerhackingcan so you say like this
rindolf hackerhackingcan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Script_kiddie
hackerhackingcan so you abused me by calling me script kiddie?
hackerhackingcan When I become a good hacker I will hack you also
vinleod hackerhackingcan: Good luck with that. bye bye.
rindolf hackerhackingcan: OK, you have been warned.
hackerhackingcan why warn?
rindolf hackerhackingcan: try hacking into the IP address
vinleod hackerhackingcan: I bet you can't log into that computer and delete all of its files.
luke_c hackerhackingscan: After that, try to DDOS
hackerhackingcan is your ip?
Ethelim why'd you give him my iP ffs?
Ethelim don't try it, you wouldn't get in anyway. I have it locked down tightly
vinleod hackerhackingcan: So, here's the situation. We don't condone illegal activity. We don't suggest that people attempt illegal activity. We don't like people who do illegal activity. We a programmers. We like to write programs. We like to solve interesting problems. We like to solve interesting puzzles.
rindolf hackerhackingcan: if you haven't noticed, I've become op.
rindolf hackerhackingcan: and I can /kick you and /kickban you.
vinleod hackerhackingcan: Now, if you'd like be a good, productive member of society and learn to program, we can help with that, but we won't spoon feed you either.
hackerhackingcan hahah whose is this ip Your password is admin haha
Ethelim is he for real?
vinleod Ethelim: I doubt it.
hackerhackingcan I am changing your password then call me kid
rindolf Ethelim: he seems like a bad troll.
rindolf But an amusing one.
jrslepak rindolf: depends on how many times you've heard the joke in the recent past
Ethelim dude, you wouldn't get in there. And even if you did all you'd be able to do is reset the guy's connection
hackerhackingcan I will reset it
* Ethelim waits for "someone's" closed connection
mst "Quit: Leaving"
vinleod I saw that coming a mile away/
JabbaWokiee lol
mst not an actual fell-off-the-internet
mst reasonable exit though
mst oh, and now he's back with a new nick
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