iSomething - Fortune


jparkton and ya know. I bet if one distro popped an i in front like iUbunt, iFedora or some jazz about 300 million people would shell out astronomical amounts of money just to have one before anyone else
WinNY Macs are evil.
impulse9 iCry
jercos iDerp
jparkton iFail
jparkton iStone
impulse9 iQuack
jparkton iFap
Jeaye ifap.cum
jparkton iClean
jparkton iBarf
jparkton iReturn
impulse9 iI
rindolf jparkton: this reminds me of .
rindolf iCanHazCheezburger.
rindolf iSuck.
rindolf iAmSpartacus.
impulse9 iAmYourFather
jparkton prolly some new iFag rage
rindolf iAmLame
impulse9 iBlame
Channel ##programming
Network Freenode
Tagline iSuckLessThanJ