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Life According To Valentine

rindolf In my imagination, my concept at the time of , who was a relatively wild and polyamorous girl (but still an awesome one) decided to duplicate herself and then said "I am going to call my new self 'Valentine'". So she gets duplicated and her duplicate then says "So I'm Valentine, right?"
njcomsec does polyamorous mean a slut?
rindolf njcomsec: well, not exactly.
rindolf njcomsec: thing is - she was very picky about which guys she got involved with. But if she slept with you once, you don't need to worry about it happening again.
pyon Is it not possible to have a fixed, small but non-singleton set of romantic partners?
rindolf pyon: what does that mean?
njcomsec i wouldnt worry about it :)
njcomsec in fact i would worry she might NOT want to again
njcomsec pyon i believe that is called open relationship
njcomsec i am open to this idea
njcomsec but so far i cant even find one nice girl who will date me
njcomsec so this is the first step
o0elise0o i have this problem where if i sleep with someone i usually dont want to ever again
njcomsec thats cute
pyon rindolf: A singleton set is a set with exactly one element. A small, non-singleton set of romantic partners would be, for example, having two or three romantic partners, but not having sex with arbitrary people.
rindolf Also , Miranda Kerr recently bragged about all the great sex she's been getting with various willing men after being separated from her husband (= Orlando Bloom). I say - all the power to her.
rindolf pyon: ah.
rindolf pyon: well, she had a fixed (But often growin or getting reduced) set of those.
pyon rindolf: Well... if it is often growing or shrinking, it is not fixed.
gde33|2 o0elise0o: try costumes
rindolf pyon: ah.
rindolf pyon: well, if her lovers had entered a relationship, she stopped sleeping with them.
rindolf pyon: although not permanently.
pyon rindolf: Ah!
rindolf I imagined a short students' film about Valentine Gellar's life.
rindolf It starts with showing her riding a bus and then there are the immortal words "I used to be Sarah Michelle Gellar".
rindolf And Valentine had a steady boyfriend and also studied for a Ph.D. Well, she's a professor now.
rindolf Anyway, at one point she visits her and Sarah's mother, who admits that while she knows that Valentine is technically her daughter, she causes her so few troubles and is so great, that she has a hard time thinking of her as her daughter - she's more like a younger friend.
gde33|2 rindolf: you are spoiling the whole movie!
rindolf gde33|2: heh, it's not a real film.
gde33|2 you underacheaver!
gde33|2 I say, make it so
rindolf And then she visits a guy and sees that his room is in disarray and after she queries him for this he says "Ah, yes, Sarah was here last night. We had an awesome time." So Valentine says: "She couldn't have been! She stayed up late at a benefit and went to bed past 1 AM exhausted." . So he thinks for a moment and says: "So it wasn't her! No biggie."
KAROLINA rindolf: are you fluffy?
rindolf KAROLINA: no, I'm Fluttershy.
KAROLINA rindolf: What is a fluffershy?
rindolf And there's also a part where the original SMG and Valentine recall some memories from their mutual past together.
KAROLINA JamesNZ are you fluffy?
rindolf KAROLINA: s/ffer/tter/
KAROLINA rindolf: i dont understand you
rindolf KAROLINA: Fluttershy is the sensitive pony in My Little Pony-
KAROLINA rindolf: but i like Fluffle betteR!?
rindolf KAROLINA: what is fluffle?
KAROLINA rindolf: Google Fluffle!
KAROLINA and then go to pictures
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