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Meaning of the Zuu species

Zuu Hi rindolf :)
rindolf Hi Zuu
rindolf Zuu: I've been thinking that maybe you can find some corresponding Zuus of the appropriate sex in a different dimension.
Zuu hmmm... interresting!
rindolf Zuu: are you a heterosexual Zuu or a homosexual one?
Zuu Im not sure what sex I am.
rindolf Zuu: ah.
Zuu :P
rindolf Zuu: you can look.
rindolf Zuu: in the mirror or something.
rindolf Zuu: don't you have obligatory genders in Danish/
rindolf ?
rindolf Like in German, French, etc.
rindolf Or Hebrew and Arabic.
Zuu obligatory genders?
Zuu you mean, the genders in linguistics?
* Zuu never understood those
Zuu but Danish have two i believe, and if i remember correctly there is female and 'none'
rindolf Zuu: yes, genders in linguistics.
Zuu i dont remember what which is which though :P
rindolf Like in Hebrew "Haben Halakh lagan" - the boy went to the garden. "Habath Halkha lagan" - "The girl went to the garden"
c_sphere That almost sounds like allah akbar
Zuu rindolf, no we dont distinct between the genders of the subject in the danish language
Zuu our nouns have genders though
c_sphere zuu-nina?
Zuu like 'house' is one gender and 'car' is another
rindolf Zuu: of course the question is - what language do Zuus speak natively?
c_sphere rindolf: Of course, Zuu speaks Zuu!
rindolf Zuuish?
c_sphere The Zulu population also does not speak Zuluish, just Zulu.
Zuu so if you want to say 'the house' its 'huse_t_' and if you want to say 'the car' its 'bile_n_'
rindolf c_sphere: Arnavoth (sounds like an Aztec god) is "Hares" (the Rabbit-like mammal) in Hebrew.
rindolf Zuu: can you understand Swedish?
c_sphere Aemeth
Zuu rindolf, some :)
rindolf Zuu: ah.
Zuu swedish branched from danish afaik
Zuu same with norwegian
Zuu yes, Zuu's speak Zuuish nativley :P
* rindolf is listening to Hans Zimmer - Jack Sparrow
rindolf Zuu: ah.
Zuu Zuuish have few words, all of which is based on words about cake from othre languages :P
Zuu c_sphere, are you by any chance related to s_cube ?
rindolf Zuu: ah, what do you use the Hebrew word "עוגיה" (= `ugiyah, cookie) for?
rindolf "Chocolate chip pie crust marmalade marzipan cookie yum yum!"
Zuu i use it for cookies baked from a hebrew recipe :P
rindolf What does it mean in Zuuish?
Zuu it's hard to really say something in Zuuish... al you can really do is say something equivalent to "COOKIES!!"
Zuu or "YAY CAKE!"
Zuu basically, you can only express excitement over different kinds of cakes :P
rindolf Zuu: do Zuus eat anything except cakes or cookies?
Zuu There was this one time...
Zuu wait.. no. That was someone else.
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