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rindolf Chekov: I disagere with what ESR says in TAOUP that you shouldn't apply factor optimisations. I think they can make a very large difference.
rindolf Chekov: he seems to imply you should wait until computers are fast enough.
rindolf Problem is people don't want to upgrade and if a competing program (maybe a fork ) is much faster, then some of them will switch.
rindolf Programs being speedy is one thing that makes me happy.
rindolf I love all the work the KDE people did in making KDE-4.6.0 fast.
vanguard rindolf: awesome blog link!
rindolf And I enjoy the fact that Pidgin is much faster than Kopete (and also less buggy).
rindolf I've used Kopete for far too long.
osoleve rindolf: switch to Irssi and Bitlbee! :D
rindolf vanguard: yes.
rindolf vanguard: though they failed on Google Wave.
rindolf osoleve: nah, I like Pidgin.
rindolf osoleve: it's fast enough for me.
rindolf osoleve: and I also prefer XChat.
osoleve but is it nerdy enough?
rindolf osoleve: I'm not trying to be a Ubergeek.
rindolf osoleve: real men use Xmonad!
vanguard Hey, it is not Uber but Über ... :D
rindolf real programmers use butterflies.
Chekov real programmers are Tao
osoleve real programmers flip bits by hand
Chekov real programmers speak assembly
rindolf Chuck Norris is a real programmer who implements the most optimised machines for solving a problem out of physical atoms.
vanguard real programmers use a nice editor and a programming language and get done in less than O(N!)
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