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Reindeers, Tomatoes and Nicks

rindolf dazjorz: I considered switching my default nick to "shlomif", because that's how most people know me.
dazjorz rindolf: yeah, it's your alternative nick now right?
rindolf dazjorz: but then XChat2 reverted to the old nick and I was too lazy.
unreal You seem to have many, well, stupid friends, rindolf :P
rindolf dazjorz: yes, I have it registered.
rindolf unreal: stupid?
Zuu rindolf, noo! what to do about the tomato then? fish dont have big tomato noses!
rindolf Zuu: fish?
rindolf Zuu: I'll give you a tomoato.
Zuu good question
rindolf I'll give you the tomato back.
Zuu where do i get fish from
Zuu no no, keep it :D
rindolf Zuu: my last name is Fish.
* tommy_the-dragon slaps zuu with a fish
tommy_the-dragon there ya go
dazjorz rindolf: I just registered 'sjors'
* rindolf gives a fish to Zuu
dazjorz rindolf: as a nick.
Zuu rindolf, thats just absurd, a reindeer with 'fish' as surname...
Zuu your parents must have hated you
rindolf Open source: "everyone contributes a fish, and in exchange everyone gets their own ocean."
rindolf dazjorz: ah, cool.
Zuu tommy_the-dragon, does dragons eat other animals, like fish?
unreal Ocean == Big Momma's Bath?
rindolf Zuu: I'm not a reindeer - I just play one on T.V.
tommy_the-dragon not fish...
tommy_the-dragon just reindeers
Zuu tommy_the-dragon, what about fake TV reindeers ?
Zuu Nice :D
rindolf unreal: no, the whole enchilada.
rindolf tommy_the-dragon: LOL.
tommy_the-dragon and enchiladas
dazjorz rindolf: I know someone whose nick is Stonehead, he made his three-letter acronym stn, but usually it's letters from the first name
dazjorz uh
dazjorz the full name
dazjorz yours could be shf for example, and everybody would know "hey, that's shlomi"
dazjorz but I'm at most sg, so I need to borrow another letter somewhere, or make it daz or just sjors
* dazjorz thinks
tommy_the-dragon my cat eats flies...
rindolf dazjorz: I hate these three letter acronyms.
Zuu shlomi really sounds like some dish made of reindeer
tommy_the-dragon but hes lucky because i dont eat cats
rindolf Zuu: heh.
unreal heh
rindolf tommy_the-dragon: I didn't know dragons had cats.
dazjorz what's the name of the red-nosed reindeer again?
Zuu it sounds edible at least
dazjorz oh rudolf :)
rindolf dazjorz: Randolph.
dazjorz oh
unreal I used to have a friend whos nick was "crap"
rindolf unreal: wow.
dazjorz <someguy> crap, someone stole my bicycle
dazjorz <crap> ok?
rindolf dazjorz: heh.
dazjorz rindolf: why don't you like the three-letter acronyms?
rindolf dazjorz: often too confusing.
rindolf dazjorz: and two easy to mistype.
rindolf dazjorz: and not too memorable.
unreal LIS.
dazjorz three easy to mistype, I think
rindolf And often hard to pronounce.
dazjorz maybe I'll just go with sjors
rindolf too easy. Freudian.
rindolf dazjorz: yes, I think that's a good idea.
unreal (Lies, I say!)
dazjorz hehe, rindolf++ # freudian
Zuu or you could pick something girly and hope people will treat you nicer :)
rindolf dazjorz: have you played with the farnsworth bot yet?
rindolf Zuu: RinGirl
rindolf Though nicks with "Girl " in them tend to draw too much attention.
Zuu nah, it cant contain 'girl' that just seems fake
dazjorz rindolf: I have
dazjorz rindolf: remind me to fix knotify, khtml, and quassel :(
rindolf dazjorz: nice.
rindolf dazjorz: using MemoServ?
dazjorz rindolf: the bugs annoy me, a lot, but I never get around to actually trying to fix them
rindolf Zuu: maybe I should call myself "shlomi". Americans will think I'm a girl.
Zuu yeah, it kinda have a girlish sound to it
dazjorz rindolf: call yourself shloma, dutch people will think you're over sixty and female
rindolf dazjorz: heh.
dazjorz let me rephase that
dazjorz dutch people will think you're female... and over sixty
dazjorz (oma = grandma)
rindolf dazjorz: ah.
unreal kloot.
rindolf In Hebrew nouns that end with "ah" tend to be feminine.
dazjorz shlomah?
rindolf Seriously now, if I change my nick it will be to shlomif.
dazjorz let's change our nicks at the same time
rindolf Well, in Shlomi's case it would be Shlomith.
dazjorz I will be sjors, you will be shlomif
rindolf dazjorz: OK.
* rindolf is now known as shlomif
dazjorz shit, now I have to
Zuu what does shlimif even mean ?
* dazjorz is now known as sjors
sjors Zuu: shlomi = his first name, f = the first letter of his last name
shlomif sjors: hi.
shlomif Zuu: shlomi fish.
sjors hi shlomif
shlomif Hi sjors
tommy_the-dragon where does rindolf come into it?
shlomif sjors: my nick is longer than yours.
Zuu oh lol, and i just said his name sound girly :P
* Zuu pat pats shlomif ^^
shlomif tommy_the-dragon: Rindolf was a dwarven warrior I played in AD&D.
tommy_the-dragon ahh ok
* shlomif gives Zuu his tomato back.
Zuu :<
shlomif Since I'm no longer a reindeer.
sjors shlomif: that's just to compensate against something you have that's way shorter than mine
shlomif sjors: LOL.
shlomif sjors++
Zuu Erhmm.. shlomif! how come there's this big hole in it?
tommy_the-dragon sorry...
tommy_the-dragon my bad
Zuu Hehe
* shlomif doesn't like raw tomatoes.
shlomif But I eat them with pasta, etc.
shlomif Or as meat sauce.
Zuu or in sandwiches
shlomif sjors: anyway, welcome to ##programming
Zuu or on reindeer nose
shlomif sjors: I'll probably revert to "rindolf" after next disconnect.
shlomif Zuu: after you cook the entire reindeer.
* shlomif is a reindeer cannibal.
shlomif Well, rindolf is.
Zuu yes, but he ran away
shlomif I also like dried and olive oiled tomatoes.
sjors shlomif: I just changed my clients' settings to reconnect as sjors, too
shlomif Well, I think I'll go to sleep.
shlomif sjors: ah.
sjors shlomif: it'll probably take a while to "adapt" to sjors instead of dazjorz
shlomif sjors: well, enjoy your new nick.
sjors and I still have, and not sjors.anything
* Zuu tugs shlomif in
sjors thanks ;)
shlomif Zuu: thanks.
* Zuu quicly squeeses a fresh tomato onto shlomif's nose
sjors shlomif: and at most
* shlomif doesn't have rindolf.{com,org,net} etc.
shlomif sjors: maybe
shlomif I got a
shlomif sjors: heh.
sjors hehe
sjors, too bad i don't really do perl anymore
shlomif sjors: there's also .sh
sjors, too bad I don't really do shell script a lot
shlomif Or .im
sjors, too bad I don't really watch..
tommy_the-dragon do you own a mobile?
shlomif .tv are pretty costly.
sjors meh I don't like sjors. anyway, so I'll just keep dazjorz for everything
tommy_the-dragon yeah whats with that (the price of .tv)?
shlomif tommy_the-dragon: it's the foundation of the economy of Tuvaly.
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