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The Round Trip Delay of Approaching a Girl

rindolf protist: I realised Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in the same show as Robin Williams. They played a father and daughter.
protist rindolf: you are obsessed with her :p
rindolf And the father divorced her mother and left her mother to raise her on her own, kinda like SMG in real life.
rindolf protist: I *iz* obsessed with her.
rindolf protist: she was one of my first loves.
protist rindolf: haha
rindolf protist: I was recently obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence too - I like the alpha female/insurgent/antagonist/rebel type of girls.
rindolf protist: over at the Technion , I kinda hit on a girl with a nose ring who coloured her hair black, but she turned out to already have a bf.
rindolf protist: since then I realised I should be more honest and direct and also reduce the round-trip/time-to-market delay.
protist rindolf: round-trip/time-to-market delay?
protist rindolf: and a lot of girls will just say they have a boyfriend :p...and sometimes they do it to test you, because oddly they are only interested in a guy who persists in spite of the fake boyfriend
Jck_true protist: Yeah you might not wanna mention ROI [= "Return On Investment"] when you're asking a girl on a date...
protist rindolf: but sometimes it is lack of interest...and sometimes they really do have a boyfriend
protist Jck_true: what do you mean? :p
rindolf Jck_true: heh.
protist Jck_true: I'm doing the monogamy thing at the moment
rindolf Jck_true++ # Made me laugh.
rindolf "What's your favourite position? CTO!"
pyon protist: Wouldn't it be easier to simply say "not interested, bye"?
pyon protist: I mean, in the case where they aren't interested.
protist pyon: When do you ever remember girls being simple?
Jck_true The Freaking FCC :)
pyon protist: True that.
protist pyon: and sometimes they may tell you they have a boyfriend...and actually have one...but will still sleep with you
protist pyon: they might tell you just so you know that this is supposed to be discrete lol
vendu pyon, nothing is simple with/about women :D
vendu hey rindolf
rindolf protist: - Haskell Sex.
protist rindolf: i saw that when you linked it before :)
rindolf <vendu> pyon, nothing is simple with/about women :D ==> lies! Just read "Women for dummies" and you're set!
pyon rindolf: lol
vendu hehe
vendu =)
Svetlana ffs
rindolf HikaruBG: hi, no idea.
rindolf Svetlana: hi.
rindolf Svetlana: what's wrong?
rindolf Svetlana: I hope you were not too offended by our sex talk or pseudo-sex talk here.
rindolf We're not sexist - we just play ones in real life.
HikaruBG Svetlana, what is ffs?
rindolf Well, there's a difference between sexist and sexualised.
rindolf HikaruBG: "FFS = for fuck's sake".
Svetlana No, I'm not offended at the conversation. I am offended at how lame work I'm doing at setting focus and priorities, though. I am trying to get mediawiki running but in fact I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to do so or what I would be working on.
HikaruBG thankd rindolf, i have learned something new today .... that early in the morning :)
HikaruBG Svetlana, just take a 15 and step out from the office. Then figure all priorities out.
Svetlana How do you define "take a 15"?
grim001 15 milliseconds
sandeep vendu: hi
HikaruBG 15 minutes ... :)
HikaruBG clean your head a bit
HikaruBG fresh air
rindolf Svetlana: yes, maybe take a walk.
rindolf Svetlana: ah, I'm glad you're not offended.
HikaruBG on another hand, Svetlana, where are you trying to deploy mediawiki?
rindolf Well, boys will be boys (and girls will be girls).
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