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Selling Open Source Source Code

codescience just stumbled across another question. is there an open-source license that prevent anyone from making money off my code?
rindolf codescience: no there isn't.
rindolf codescience: it stands against the open source definition.
ssta codescience: that would violate the spirit of what most people understand "open source" to mean
rindolf codescience: people can sell copies of open source software or services related to it.
codescience hmmm, i understand
rindolf codescience: see
ssta I can legally sell you this copy of the linux kernel...I can charge whaqtever you are willing to pay. Nothing in the license prevents this
rindolf ssta: will you sell it to me for 5,000 USD?
rindolf ;-)
ssta rindolf: sure
rindolf ssta: how about for 3,000 USD?
ssta rindolf: tell you what, for $10,000 I'll throw in a free copy of FreeBSD
rindolf ssta: wow, sounds like a good deal.
ssta rindolf: hmm, 3000 is a bit low, I don't think I could go that cheap
rindolf ssta: heh.
rindolf ssta: how much are you selling the source code of Apache 2.4 for?
ssta rindolf: oh, you can have that for free
rindolf ssta: really?
rindolf Sucker!
ssta rindolf: sure...but the build scripts you have to pay for
rindolf ssta: OK.
rindolf ssta: would you be willing to exchange the source of the Linux kernel for three copies of jQuery? I will even throw in a few free Dojo plugins.
rindolf ssta: he already told us.
ssta rindolf: hmm, not sure I want jQuery
ssta rindolf: would you happen to have code for a halfway decent RDBMS? I think I could swap for that
rindolf ssta: I have the source code for MySQL. Not sure if it's half-decent.
codescience i run a mysql server. runs good enough for me
ssta rindolf: I use MySQL in production quite a lot. It has its flaws, but my use cases never seem to hit them
rindolf ssta: OK.
rindolf ssta: so will you exchanges its source code for the Linux kernel?
ssta rindolf: sure
rindolf ssta: sounds good.
rindolf ssta: you can find the source code of MySQL here -
ssta rindolf: you can get the linux source from
rindolf ssta: thanks.
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