SNAFU Cake - Fortune


* rindolf tries to think what can cause the KDE 4 SNAFU on his user.
rindolf And hopefully to avoid bissecting the KDE 4 config tree.
Zuu snafu... that wounds like a delicious cake :D
Zuu *sounds
rindolf Zuu: Situation Normal - All F****ed up.
Zuu :/
* Zuu gives the snafu cake to Dmage :D
Zuu Dmage, just eat the cake already
Dmage Zuu, are you hate my english? ;)
Zuu i hate your non-english
Black_Phoenix I english your hate
Dmage xD
Zuu Dmage, but i dont hate you! :D
Black_Phoenix and now I can do that
Dmage Zuu, learn russian then! :)
Zuu Hehe
Zuu Dmage, i think you'd hate my russion far more than i would ever hate your english
rindolf Spasiva.
Dmage xD
Dmage learn 'Eto huinya!'
* Zuu steals the snafu cake back from Dmage and gives it to rindolf instead
Dmage and apply everywhere
* rindolf eats the SNAFU cake
Zuu :D
* rindolf eats Zuu's Danish too.
Zuu Noooh!
* rindolf loves Zuu's Danish.
rindolf Yum yum.
Zuu tis mine!
Zuu My daaaanish :'(
rindolf My precioussssssssss!
Zuu tis gone :<
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