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SCC - the Socialist Compiler Collection

rindolf pyon: i'm trying to get inkscape to stop segfaulting on Mageia Cauldron.
rindolf pyon: there was a big GCC/C++ transition to GCC-5.2.x
pyon rindolf: :-O
pyon rindolf: What [use case / particular sequence of actions] makes it segfault?
rindolf pyon: just running it.
rindolf right on startup.
schquid That delicious ABI breakage?
pyon rindolf: Ah!
rindolf schquid: yes!
rindolf schquid: it's part of the conspiracy of the Capitalists to oppress the proleteriat!
rindolf schquid: GCC is controlled by the bourgusey.
schquid I knew it!
rindolf schquid: heh, heh.
rindolf schquid: I'm planning to create SCC - Socialist Compiler Collection to end the oppression! ;-)
schquid Hahaha we'll need to come up with a very socialist license for it
alphabutcho wazzup guys
rindolf schquid: Socialist Programmers of the World - UNITE!
schquid All hail the glorious liberated proletarian front!
rindolf alphabutcho: schquid and I are discussing our plans to end the oppression of the proletariate by the open source-proliferating Capitalistic hegmony!
rindolf schquid: :-)
rindolf schquid: from each according to his hard-disk capacity - to each according to his warez's size!
rindolf LOL.
schquid Hahaha we could make this a thing :P
rindolf alphabutcho: actually , I'm trying to rebuild the Inkscape package here on Mageia Cauldron because it segfaults.
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