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Spreading the love.

rindolf aidanh: I've solved PRoject Euler #141 yesterday and learned a valuable lesson about excessive forking to processes and capturing their output.
Snake2k rindolf: Indeed >_>
rindolf Namely: it kills performance.
rindolf Snake2k: where do you live?
Snake2k rindolf: I need to start doing Project Euler again :|
rindolf Snake2k: ah.
rindolf Snake2k: we can become friends there.
Snake2k rindolf: Northern Virginia, pretty much a mile or two away from D.C.
rindolf Snake2k: ah.
Snake2k rindolf: We can still be friends >_>
rindolf Snake2k: heh.
rindolf Snake2k: I don't friend Northern Virginians!
rindolf Snake2k: ;-)
* Snake2k does "gcc -Wall hug_rindolf.c -o hug --std=c11"
* Snake2k does "./hug"
rindolf Snake2k: southern virginians on the other hand...
* Snake2k gets "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)"
Snake2k rindolf: Why? :'( we're nice and shit :(
rindolf Snake2k: heh, I'm just joking.
rindolf Snake2k: I'm cool with Northern Virginians.
Twey rindolf: ‘It kills performance’ — depends on your definition of ‘process’. POSIX processes are huge, but green threads in e.g. Haskell or Erlang are usually very cheap and can be used without much consideration.
* DarkCthulhu has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
rindolf Twey: I Was talking about POSIX processes.
rindolf Twey: I captured the output of "factor" for convenience, and it proved to be a major slowdown.
rindolf Twey: ERLANG! Munctional! Parallelism!
Snake2k rindolf: but you hurt ma feelz :'(
rindolf Snake2k: heh.
Tawre Snake2k, just commit violence against him
Tawre it'll fix everything
Tawre and if it doesn't you're not using enough violence
Snake2k Tawre: good idea :|
* Snake2k hugs the living rindolf out of rindolf
Myrl I wonder if normal algebra would be fine with you using lambda functions.
* rindolf sends 1e12 virtual kisses to Northern Virginia.
Myrl Or curried functions.
* Tawre kisses rindolf 0e13 times.
Myrl guys get a room.
rindolf Tawre: heh.
rindolf Myrl: we got ##programming !
Snake2k this is getting weird...
rindolf It's a chat-room!
Snake2k I hug... I don't do virtual kisses...
* Snake2k slithers away...
* Snake2k is all creeped out and shit...
rindolf s/kisses/hugs/
Tawre Snake2k, well, we can kill it "hugs" too if you want ;)
* Snake2k slithers back
Snake2k Tawre: <______________<
Twey rindolf: ‘Parallelism’ — er… yeah. That's what you wanted :þ
Tawre we can do parallel hugs too
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