The Ultimate ##programming Showdown - Fortune

The Ultimate ##programming Showdown

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ljuwaidah yo ecere!!
Zuu yay, life :)
* Zuu tickles ljuwaidah
* ljuwaidah punches zuu in the face
* Zuu starts crying :'(
rindolf Fight!
rindolf Fight! Fight!
* Zuu runs home to mommy
rindolf Let's get ready to rumble!!!
* ljuwaidah punches rindolf in the face
ljuwaidah for encouraging the fight, that is
Zuu hehe
* rindolf uses his Evil Antlers to summon a squadron of Chuck Norrises.
Zuu oh my!
* rindolf unleashes the Chuck Norrises upon ljuwaidah
* ljuwaidah uses his anti-chuck-norrise spell
Zuu those anterls must be the most evil thing in the entire universe
Zuu *antlers
rindolf ljuwaidah: your spell only works on one chuck norris at a day.
rindolf And I have 119 more.
rindolf Finish him!
Zuu i wonder what will happen if one Chuck Norris accidently punches another
ljuwaidah rindolf: then lemme use my duplication spell to make more of myself so THEY can use the spell
rindolf ljuwaidah: heh.
rindolf ljuwaidah++
ljuwaidah thanks :D
rindolf ljuwaidah: two can play this game.
* rindolf runs his recursive copying spell making lots of Evil rindolf reindeers exponentially.
rindolf Like Bacteria.
ljuwaidah darn! i didn't see that coming
ljuwaidah but you also forgot that if _I_ can duplicate myself then so can my duplicates B-)
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