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Trolling konverse the Troll

rindolf Macuser: I Went to an anime/manga con -
NextFunctor roflcon
rindolf gde33: you can use AdBlockPlus.
gde33 that doesnt work, with a central server they have to pay a lot for hostiing
konverse This guy is hilarious. rindolf!
gde33 I have to watch advertisements to make the centralized control work
gde33 because it doesn't
gde33 yeah this "service"
rindolf konverse: who is?
gde33 meanwhile the tubes are so fast that the hd torrent is finished before I can tab to the client
gde33 uhhuhuhu??
gde33 oh I said torrent *shrug*
rindolf Macuser: BTW, do you know iJustine on YouTube/etc.? She's awesome.
gde33 you are assuming i'm not uploading
rindolf There are other business models for Web revenue -
gde33 ahh the greed based garbage interwebs
konverse What else rindolf?
rindolf gde33: greed?
rindolf konverse: what?
rindolf konverse: I don't understand you.
konverse Am I trolling you? Sorry if I interrupted.
jrslepak just because you do things for strangers for free doesn't mean other strangers aren't doing things for you for free
rindolf konverse: please be more coherent.
gde33 konverse: not at all
gde33 you could just, you know, work for your money?
rindolf konverse: vague person is vague.
konverse Heh. We're marking tertiaries. I'm glad.
rindolf <perlbot> rindolf: vague question is really, really vague, in fact it's so fucking vague that you can't even caption a cat with it because the cat would DIE OF VAGUE
konverse rindolf: So as is robust to robots?
rindolf konverse: find someplace else to troll.
konverse Hah! Got you.
konverse Where have my poor fingers gone?
konverse Somewhere in the sewers! Bwahahahaha.
rindolf konverse: I hope they get caught there and you'll have to live with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who will kick the ass out of you.
konverse OOooh.
rindolf konverse: them and .
konverse Touchy. Did you have to man that?
NextFunctor Access violated @ that insult
rindolf konverse: man?
konverse Yah mon.
rindolf konverse: yeh money!
konverse Well, there ya go.
konverse Humanity at its' finest.
rindolf konverse: money talks, bullshit walks, and GNU awks!
NextFunctor yeh boi, freeze! how low can you go? - Public Enemy ft. Anthrax
konverse Well deserved credit, mon.
NextFunctor I'm curious Konverse
NextFunctor Are you even a programmer?
rindolf konverse: - «Humanity - The Movie»
gde33 konverse: what basic do you write in?
konverse I do know the basics of some langs. Compared to this wumpus, I have more experience than even what kind of taste his art is.
rindolf gde33: he writes in basic trolling English.
konverse There goes more credit. +1.
konverse Bitcoin talker.
rindolf konverse: I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worth!
* rindolf erects a giant status of konverse and worships it.
rindolf Your holiness!
rindolf Your godliness!
* wei2912 bows in front of the statue
rindolf Your ChuckNorrisness!
wei2912 wait, status*
rindolf wei2912: also kiss its feet.
wei2912 your status glorifies us!
gde33 the only interpreter should be hardware design language, then we should go back to the cartridge system
wei2912 glorious leader
wei2912 we will follow you for the rest of your life!
wei2912 your status shall be in our hearts!
rindolf wei2912: yes.
rindolf wei2912: heh.
konverse It's not over rindolf. Soon, there'll be butterflies. Then there'll be birds and cats wraunching at each other.
rindolf - Summer Glau > Chuck Norris.
wei2912 (next day: Status changed to: "these idiots engraved my status, now it won't automatically update"
konverse I'm pretty sure. You have something planned?
rindolf konverse: your SummerGlau-ness!
gde33 rindolf: do you make a lot of money with your website?
rindolf konverse: nothing is over until either or both of us are dead! D. E. D. Dead!
rindolf gde33: not a lot yet.
konverse Yes. Wanna race? I'll play tag first. You're it.
* rindolf eats the tag.
rindolf Om nom nom nom. Delicious.
rindolf Here's a tag for you - <br class="foo" />
rindolf It's an XHTML tag.
konverse That's rhetorical rindolf. You should have type casted.
gde33 rindolf: oh that will be sure to make things easy!
konverse Why the long face??? :<
rindolf - Cookie Monster as Dumbledore 2.
konverse Ah. Just a frame. A portrait. We're there any fleas?
konverse rindolf: You're pathetic.
konverse Period.
rindolf konverse: I am pathetic.
wei2912 humans are pathetic
rindolf konverse: I perfected patheticness to an artform.
konverse I won't go for stats, 'cause I can already tell by just a lift of a knob, I can twist things around.
rindolf konverse: my patheticness is unmatched even by Chuck Norris' patheticness.
rindolf ZadYree: ewwwww!
rindolf ZadYree: what's up?
ZadYree yo rindolf :)
ZadYree Well, trying to convince myself it's time to code ^^
rindolf ZadYree: how's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness today?
rindolf ZadYree: Stop! Coding time!
ZadYree Hehehe
konverse What if I do this? ><````'i> j-------\p
rindolf ZadYree: - Stop! Hammer Time.
rindolf konverse: ASCII art?
gde33 konverse: you have to wrap it in a cdata section
ZadYree rindolf, hehehe! Oh yeah!
konverse You're so obvious rindolf.
konverse I guess the wait watchers have no idea.
rindolf ZadYree: meet konverse - he's my target of counter-trolling.
rindolf konverse: s/wait/weight/
konverse rindolf: Guess what? I'm trolling your website. I'll go and rate it.
rindolf konverse: go ahead. Make my day!
ZadYree troll day is best day
konverse OOOOoooooh.
rindolf konverse: any publicity is good publicity.
konverse Like, how you started the alpha?
rindolf konverse: alpha?
rindolf konverse: alpha of what?
rindolf ZadYree: heh.
konverse Nm.
rindolf ZadYree: "It's a good day to troll!"
rindolf konverse: whatever.
rindolf - whatever.
ZadYree rindolf, :)
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