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Turing Hard

rindolf Pythack now was able to get the fc-solve test suite up and running.
Zuu eh?!
* Zuu solves rindolf
rindolf Zuu: http://fc-solve.berlios.de/
rindolf Zuu: I am not solvable.
rindolf I am Turing hard.
Zuu :S
* Zuu never heard of anything called 'turing hard'
joeyadams lol. Zuu's probabilistic, so maybe he can solve you.
Zuu but i guess i have now
joeyadams Formal definition of Turing hard: blah blah blah hard blah blah Turing blah.
Zuu Hahahaha :D
joeyadams Wikipedia: Given a set X in P(N), a set A in N is called Turing hard for X if X <=_T A for all X in X. If additionally A is in X, then A is called Turing complete for X.
joeyadams Does that clarify?
joeyadams (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_reduction for the actual math symbols)
* joeyadams assumes you get the point
Zuu yeah, i think i'll have to put significant time into that, for me to comprehend it :)
Zuu but maybe i will, some day :P
joeyadams My point is that people like to use mumbo jumbo to describe more concise mumbo jumbo.
joeyadams E.g. A problem is NP-hard if it is at least as hard as all the problems in NP.
Zuu i undersstand enough of it, to be fairly confident that rindolf being turing hard, will not say much about his ability to be solved
joeyadams I'm guessing Turing-hard means you can't solve a problem with a Turing machine (e.g. the halting problem)
joeyadams (substitute Turing machine with "your computer" :) )
Zuu no, turing hard has something to do with expressiveness
joeyadams okay, Zuu > joeyadams, so I can't help you :)
* Zuu tickles joeyadams ^^
joeyadams A delicious apple is any fruit ∈ apple that is at least as tasty as any other fruit ∈ apple.
joeyadams In other words, apples are in the set of recursively nommable fruits.
rindolf joeyadams: what's up?
joeyadams I'm babbling.
rindolf joeyadams: Apple is one of my least favourite fruits.
* Zuu watches a number of apples that recursively NOM's eathother
rindolf It tends to be too commonplace.
rindolf Or simpleton.
joeyadams whoops, my logic is incorrect
joeyadams Only delicious apples are ∈ the nommable fruits.
joeyadams (recursively is just a word you throw in to sound smart)
* Zuu NOMs joeyadams :>
rindolf joeyadams: a friend of one of my sisters said that Apple is his favourite fruit.
rindolf Ta-zuu!
* joeyadams has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection nommed by peer))
Zuu yeah, unfortunately a lot of people throw with a lot of words to sound smart :/
Zuu my favourite fruit is a recursive banana!
joeyadams although it certainly helps to use complex terminology to solve complex problems. As Aristophanes said, "High thoughts must have high language."
Zuu .. along with immutable polymorphic pears
joeyadams Zuu> I guess you have to peel it indefinitely?
joeyadams lol
Zuu Hahah, yeah :P
joeyadams I tend to eat bananas in deterministic polynomial time.
Zuu i eat them in linear time, but uses exponential space
joeyadams lol
rindolf Heh.
joeyadams eww
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