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tnzr does anyone happen to know what std::allocator.allocate() does when you try to allocate 0 bytes? I get a pointer back but I can't tell what it's pointing at and I can't seem to find anything on the web that gives a difinitive answer
GeDaMo Why are you allocating zero bytes?
Billiard tnzr: the same thing it always returns
tnzr GeDaMo: we are implementing our own allocator for an assignment, and when asked what we should do if the user tries to allocate 0 bytes, the prof said to find out what std::allocator does and mimic that
GeDaMo http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6065814/standard-compliant-custom-allocator
tnzr oh snap, thanks GeDaMo
GeDaMo :)
rindolf GeDaMo: zero bytes are enough to hold the Complete Works of Shakespeare.
GeDaMo Depends on how many monkeys you have to decompress it :P
rindolf GeDaMo: heh.
rindolf Of course, I defined a custom decompressor that emits the complete works of Shakespeare on empty input and uses gzip compression otherwise.
rindolf It's pretty large though.
Billiard redeemed: compress the decompressor using the same algo
Billiard errr rindolf
rindolf Billiard: OK.
rindolf Billiard: heh.
Billiard 0 bytes = a decompressor for the entire works of shakespeare
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