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What is Qantor?

rindolf What should I do now?
rindolf I'll work on Text-Qantor.
rindolf It's so great not to have a job.
Zuu yeah, if someone else pays for the food it sure is :D
Zuu also, i dont really understand much of what you just told me :P
* Zuu puts a stick into the Text-Qantor
rindolf Zuu: Qantor == Qantor ain't no TeX/Troff oh really.
rindolf It's a typesetting system I'm working on.
* Zuu hates the name
Zuu it makes me kinda mad actually :/
rindolf Zuu: :-)
rindolf Zuu: maybe it will grow on you.
rindolf Zuu: some people I know named a browser suckass.
Zuu :(
rindolf I refused to work on it.
Zuu see that's a name!
rindolf Zuu: heh.
Zuu i didnt mean that btw :)
Zuu suckass is kinda... unkind
rindolf OK, now I should write an http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/bits/facts/XSLT/ transformation.
rindolf I'll start from something I already have.
Zuu But the "X ain't no <something related>" is just a lame naming convention imho
Zuu yeah, work on some XSLT facts :D
rindolf Zuu: just call it Qantor then.
rindolf Without the mnemonics.
Zuu but anyone interrested will learn that it's an abbreviation
Zuu just by the fact that it's recursive makes me want to kill myself a little bit more :P
rindolf Zuu: do me a break and kill yourself.
Zuu :>
rindolf Less Zuus - more grass for evil reindeers like me to feed on.
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