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What kind of animal is Zuu?

Zuu Hai all
rindolf Zuu: hai hai.
rindolf Zuu: what's up , kit?
rindolf Zuu: or what are you , I forgot?
Zuu Hai rindolf :D
rindolf I am a reindeer.
rindolf But also a Llama.
rindolf And a cat.
Zuu I'm a Zuu
rindolf And a fish naturally.
rindolf Zuu: ah , OK.
Zuu :D
* rindolf creates a Zoo of Zuus
Zuu ^^
rindolf Are you the master Zuu?
rindolf Like Q is the master of the Q's in Star Trek?
Zuu i think im the only Zuu
rindolf Oh, one of a kind.
Zuu Which is kinda sad really :(
Zuu Who am i supposed to mate with?
rindolf Reminds me of http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Blue-Rabbit-Log/ideas.xhtml
rindolf Though I need to add that part.
rindolf Let me do it now.
Zuu whatever webserver you use, it doesnt provide the right mimetype... At least IE 8 dont attempt to render the document
rindolf Zuu: you cannot using IE 8
rindolf Zuu: you need Firefox.
rindolf Zuu: it's application/xml+xhtml
rindolf Or Opera.
Zuu well, it indeed is the right mimetype... stupid IE
Zuu well, my FF crashed, so i just use IE when that happens
rindolf Zuu: ah.
rindolf FF crashed?
rindolf How strange.
rindolf Maybe you have a bad plugin.
Zuu It does that around 6 times a day
rindolf Not an extension - a plugin.
rindolf Ah, really.
rindolf Something is wrong in the Zuuniverse.
rindolf Or Zuumputer.
Zuu nah, i suspect one of the tabs are just doing some strange stuff
Zuu memory leaking javascript ro something like that
Zuu it is kinda starting to annoy me
Zuu but with 90 - 120 tabs, it would take quite a while to find out what tab it is
Zuu you might consider starting your articles, or whatever this is, with an introduction telling what it's about
rindolf Zuu: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Blue-Rabbit-Log/ideas.xhtml#the-angry-demon
rindolf Zuu: it's not an article - these are random ideas for a screenplay.
rindolf Zuu: but I'll write an intro.
Zuu start the page with "Here are some of my random ideas for a screen play im writing:"
Zuu at LEAST!
Zuu you cant just jump right into something without giving _any_ indication ow what the reader can expect
Zuu it simply doesnt make any sense as it is now
Zuu you could just as well have posted a log of ljuwidah talking :P
rindolf Zuu: thanks.
Zuu :)
rindolf Zuu: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/Blue-Rabbit-Log/ideas.xhtml#intro
rindolf Interactive Web!
Zuu i think you have forgottoen to define the #intro anchor
rindolf Zuu: reload.
rindolf Zuu: it's there.
Zuu hah, caches... :P
Zuu :D
rindolf Pesky things.
rindolf Evil reindeers don't like caches.
rindolf Neither do cats.
rindolf I'm an evil reindeer but a good cat.
Zuu Hehe
rindolf Don't know how it works.
rindolf I guess good and evil are relative.
rindolf Or actually I wore a helmet of alignment change.
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