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What’s in a name?

Rad- gcc `xml2-config --cflags` -g lib.c -o lib `xml2-config --libs`
rindolf Rad-: you called your executable "lib"? It's a common name for directories.
Rad- ...yes
Rad- i'll change it later i just got lazy
rindolf Rad-: ah.
rindolf Rad-: 1. Are you using version control? 2. Do you have automated tests?
Binary_Digit This is the hardest part of programming - choosing a name for the dev directory.
Rad- no, no?
rindolf Rad-: well, you should on both accounts.
pulse Binary_Digit++
pulse i hate that part
Denommus Binary_Digit: uh, src?
indigo Binary_Digit: projects
pulse i thought he meant the project name folder
Binary_Digit src is fine if you're only ever going to write one program
Denommus ah, for the directory where the projects will be!
Denommus I always name it "Projects"
Binary_Digit all your programs are called 'Projects'?
they Shouldn't you use a top-level qualifier?
Binary_Digit Cool.
pulse lol
Denommus Binary_Digit: no, the directory where the projects are
they For instance, if you're making a library called "Jail", have the top-level folder named "Jail"? So the namespaces below would be "Jail.Whatever"?
Denommus Binary_Digit: I always think about some name when starting a project
Rad- rindolf: well i'm writing the tests. my program is a proof of working functions... well it's supposed to be anyway
Denommus they: yup
Binary_Digit Q: How do I do <foo>? A: easy, just use Projects to do the first bit, then switch to Projects to do the next bit, and pipe the output through Projects
* jrslepak just names a project's directory based on the name of the project
Binary_Digit jrslepak, so you still have the same problem
pulse i find it hard to come up with project names that don't suck
Binary_Digit Denommus solves it by calling every project 'Projects'
jrslepak Binary_Digit: what problem do I have?
Binary_Digit But I prefer to find more original names
pulse i'm afraid i'm going to pick some well-known name, then i'll get sued and will have to walk around in a barrel
Binary_Digit jrslepak, the problem of picking a name for your project
Denommus Binary_Digit: stop putting words on my mouth, I hate it
benzrf Binary_Digit: one of the two hard things in programming
Binary_Digit Denommus, oh, I think you'll survive.
Binary_Digit Especially if that graph is anything to go by.
Binary_Digit But all right, I apologise.
pulse benzrf, the other being actually getting to work?
Binary_Digit Ah, bring back florin5
Binary_Digit I have a project for him
Binary_Digit A project name generator!
Binary_Digit Only problem is: what to call it?
pulse project name namer
rindolf Rad-: they do? Why?
rindolf Binary_Digit: heh, it should be self-hosting.
benzrf pulse: 'two hard things in programming
benzrf cache invalidation and naming things'
pulse hmm
benzrf or maybe it was 'in compsci'
rindolf benzrf: '...and off by one errors'.
benzrf well known quote tho
benzrf rindolf: huehuehue
benzrf i saw that one
pulse yeah, those are tricky
benzrf christ i hate fencepost errors
benzrf they get me every time -.-
rindolf benzrf: I had a lot of them in a recent Project Euler problem.
Binary_Digit I think I shall call my latest project Bernard. Or possibly Saskatchewan.
pulse Binary_Digit, i find you could develop all sorts of names from fruit names
rindolf Rad-: well, you can use them for your own personal use.
pulse have a timer project? call it pineapple timer
benzrf rindolf: :(
pulse makes it sound fresh
pulse and exciting
Binary_Digit Oh yeah - Apple - or Blackberry - or Raspberry - or Apricot
Binary_Digit I don't suppose any of those are taken
pulse tomatomation
pulse :D
pulse stands for tomato automation
Binary_Digit I suppose the only way out is to pick a good name *first*, and then decide what would be the best program to fit that name. eg Project Turnip could be a Turing machine for kids
benzrf Binary_Digit: amazing
Binary_Digit yeah, I know - I think I'm too tired for IRC right now, talking nonsense
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