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Who invented Satan?

Ori_B ...I'm failing at typing.
hassoon_ yep
hassoon_ you're a fail
hassoon_ a shame on the human kind
aawe hassoon_: I invented failure
aawe please send royalty checks
hassoon_ aawe: you must be Satan.
aawe I invented satan too
rindolf aawe: Chuck Norris invented Satan!
aawe rindolf: I'll need to send some cease or desist letters to Chuck’s lawyers for spreading such lies
aawe or is that "cease AND desist"?
rindolf aawe: AND
aawe makes more sense, yeah
hassoon_ rindolf is satan
rindolf hassoon_: so Chuck Norris or aawe invented me? ;-)
hassoon_ rindolf: yep
aawe but then who invented aawe?
aawe rindolf: for a token fee, I can list you as my inventor
rindolf aawe: Chuck Norris did!
rindolf aawe: I'd rather not make claims to Chuck Norris' work.
aawe a chuck is the part holding the piece in a lathe, and norris is the cat in hogwarts in harry potter
aawe coincidence?
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