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Why XSLT is so evil?

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xmler Hi
xmler How can I do <a href="$variable">blah</a> in XSLT?
rindolf xmler: you can use <xsl:attribute>
rindolf xmler: or use ${...}
rindolf xmler: have you read the Zvon XSLT tutorial?
xmler rindolf: I've read various resources; perhaps it's the fault of XML::XSLT on CPAN
rindolf xmler: use XML::LibXSLT instead.
rindolf It's faster and better.
Zuu <insert mean statement about XSLT>
Zuu :)
rindolf "XSLT is the work of Satan"
rindolf "It's the worst thing since non-sliced bread."
Zuu Hahaha :D
rindolf "Mothers used to tell their children about XSLT to scare them."
xmler Haha
Zuu That last one is good
xmler XSLT seems pretty cool
Zuu xmler, no no, that's not mean
Zuu you're doing it wrong
Zuu :P
xmler XSLT is too cool to be mean to :p
Zuu Hehe
rindolf "XSLT is the number one cause of programmers' suicides since Visual Basic 1.0"
tommy_the-dragon lol
Zuu :>
Zuu I could believe in that
rindolf "The X in XSLT stands for eXtermination."
rindolf "XSLT makes the baby jesus cry."
rindolf "The only things worse than XSLT are Excel and sugarless tea."
tommy_the-dragon rofl
* Zuu kinda likes Excel
rindolf Zuu: yes, it was a joke.
Zuu Noooh!
Zuu they are all true!
rindolf Now I'm out of ideas.
Zuu i haven’t even had a single idea yet..
rindolf "XSLT is what Chuck Norris has nightmares of."
Zuu Whoah!
Zuu wait.. that would somehow make XSLT cooler than Chuck Norris...
Zuu Chuck Norris dont have mightmares
rindolf "Confucius e says: 'XSLT made me realise humanity was hopeless."
Zuu "Even APL wont make friends with XSLT"
Zuu yay, i maded one!
rindolf "God considered using XSLT as the tenth plague of Egypt, but thought it was too evil."
rindolf Zuu: :-)
Zuu Haha :D
Zuu that plauge one is awesome
rindolf "In Soviet Russia, XSLT codes you. Badly!"
rindolf "Satan condemned Hitler for a million years of writing XSLT"
rindolf OK, back to work.
rindolf C - not XSLt.
Zuu :)
rindolf "The KGB used to torture their victims by having them look at scrolling XSLT code"
xmler rindolf: lol, love the KGB + XSLT one
xmler rindolf: by the way, what's with the XSLT hate by the way, is it some kind of meme? :p
* Zuu gives xmler an XSLT interpreter written in XSLT
Jck_true I wanna make ASM code from XSLT
rindolf "My name is Inigo Montoya. You forced my father to write XSLT. Prepare to die! And be thankful I don't force you to write XSLT."
xmler Ah for gawd's sake. Can't install XML::LibXML, it says I don't have libxml2 (I do)
rindolf xmler: do you have the -devel package?
rindolf xmler: what is your distro?
rindolf OS distro I mean.
xmler rindolf: Debian 4.0
xmler Ooh, perhaps I don't actually
rindolf xmler: ok, then apt-get install libxml-libxslt-perl
* Zuu have to go o/
rindolf xmler: maybe we should discuss it on #perl?
rindolf Zuu: bye
rindolf Zuu: and beware of stray XSLT code.
Zuu I will :P
rindolf Zuu: OK.
xmler rindolf: sure, uno memento :)
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