How to win over a young boy in a pretend gun fight. - Fortune

How to win over a young boy in a pretend gun fight.

rindolf thecha: hi, what's up?
thecha not much. I am running my trisquel gnu/linux from an usb now
thecha and you?
rindolf thecha: I've been redditting and twittering.
rindolf thecha: and I went on a walk now.
pulse hi rindolf
rindolf thecha: I met a father with two children. he scolded them.
rindolf thecha: I asked him for their names and he said "why does it matter?" :-(
rindolf pulse: hi.
rindolf I also saw a lady sitting on a bench with two Pekinese dogs - one male and one female.
rindolf they barked at me.
rindolf Maybe she was afraid of me (their owner I mean).
ezrios dogs bark at everything
rindolf I also saw some bird watchers in the park earlier in the morning.
rindolf ezrios: some dogs are amazingly calm.
rindolf ezrios: I once met a huge Caucasian Shepherd dog who was less than one years old and called "Rambo" who was super-calm.
rindolf His owner was also very friendly.
ezrios a super-calm Rambo eh
epitamizor cool story bro
rindolf They say the dog and its owner resemble each other.
rindolf epitamizor: every story is cool with the right attitude.
rindolf epitamizor: - see this.
rindolf ezrios: yes , amazing.
rindolf ezrios: Rambo was the epitome of a tough all powerful super-muscular anti-geeky warrior/action-hero.
rindolf ezrios: but the fact of the matter is that the best combat warriors in the world are: 1. Not very muscular. 2. Geeks.
thecha ok i will try
thecha the dog probably ws being agressive because the owners mood was affecting him
thecha the owner probably was being hostile so the dog followed suit
thecha and the guy with the kids should have just said the names isntead of being a dick about it
thecha you go for walks often?
rindolf thecha: yes, I go for walks a lot.
rindolf thecha: yes, this father should learn some things after fatherhood.
rindolf thecha: the children were nice.
rindolf Oh! and on the way upstairs there was a very young boy with a toy gun and I pretended to wage an imaginary war with him. He enjoyed it.
thecha rindolf-> who won the imaginary shoot out?
rindolf thecha: he did I think.
rindolf thecha: I let him win.
rindolf thecha: he seemed to have enjoyed it.
rindolf thecha: children can be so smart.
pulse i don't think age has anything to do with smartness
rindolf thecha: and it helped brighten my day.
rindolf pulse: yes.
rindolf pulse: I have actually grown smarter with age.
pulse i've grown wiser. not much smarter
rindolf pulse: ah.
rindolf pulse: what's your distinction?
rindolf pulse: I've grown wiser too.
pulse smart is the ability to calculate things fast
pulse wise is the ability to live your life ;)
rindolf pulse: there are more parameters to intelligence than doing fast calculations.
pulse i guess there's certain correlation between the two
rindolf pulse: yes.
pulse i know. there's different types of intelligence
pulse but most types boil down to two things. calculations and speed
rindolf pulse: ah. IQ?
pulse any kind of intelligence
pulse IQ is a sort of generalization of all types
rindolf pulse: see - «Forget #IQ! #Sloppy → #Confident → #Smart!! #TeamGrimmie #confidence #competence #PublishOrPerish»
pulse but it's also stupid
pulse rindolf, hmm
pulse what am i supposed to see there :P
pulse i still don't know how twitter works
pulse what are those hashtags supposed to be
pyon rindolf: Meh, sloppiness is just sloppiness.
pyon rindolf: One can be flexible without lowering one's own standards.
thecha rindolf you can't let the enemy win
rindolf thecha: yes, bring the Delta Team with Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and.. Summer Glau (!♥:-)) against this boy.
rindolf there shall be blood tonight!
ssta you really are obsessed with this Summer Glau
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