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Your Emacs is so fat

rindolf Deiu: which editor are you using?
Deiu Ugh, let me catch up with the convo first
Deiu And yeah, I use vim too
rindolf Deiu: ah good. If you were using Eight Megabytes And Continuously Swapping , I would have to swap you with it!
rindolf I have a column of vim tips on one of my blogs.
rindolf I also like Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift.
rindolf There are a lot of jokes about Emacs.
Zuu There are lots of jokes about your mom too ;)
rindolf Zuu: eMom
Zuu eh?
rindolf e-Macs -> eMum
rindolf "Your Mom is so fat, only Emacs takes more memory than her."
Zuu nope, doesnt work
rindolf Zuu: :-(
Zuu Your emacs is so fat that your mom could fit in it
rindolf Heh.
Zuu ahhh, yes, much better
rindolf Zuu++
Zuu :P
→dbm has joined ##programming
* rindolf stores some key/value pairs in dbm
* Zuu stores some moms in dbm
dbm lol
rindolf Zuu: you overflowed him.
Zuu :>
dbm ;)
rindolf Or her, don't know.
rindolf them.
dbm 'him'
rindolf OK.
rindolf dbm: I don't recall your nick.
dbm dbm= dont bother me
rindolf don't be mean.
dbm ;)
Zuu or: do bother me
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