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Modern Fairy Tale about Short Stories

* Juliet|Awesome should publish her short stories
cmptrgeekken can #so get a discount, juju?
Juliet|Awesome only if you say nice things about them
cmptrgeekken "This book is teh s3x"
Juliet|Awesome I'm like one of those people who is so overly critical about her writing and has such an intense fear of failure that I never… ummmm…. get around to it
madsy Juliet|Awesome: Your title can be "Kawaii". Now get to it ;-)
Juliet|Awesome Once upon a time there was midwestern computer programmer who couldn't bring herself to write the warped and tortured stories spinning round and round her sordid imagination
jessicah and then a kiwi married her and made all things right in her world
jessicah ;)
Juliet|Awesome Then she did, and it was awesome, for she was awesome. She absolutely radiated with awesomeness, so much so it gave all the kids at the nearby elementary school a rare form of leukemia and radiation sickness
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Tagline The Awesome princess, rescued by the awesome prince on his awesome white horse