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#xkcd: Battle of the Charleses

rindolf «Who would win in a fight? Charlemagne, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin or Carlos "Chuck" Norris? If Summer Glau was the arbiter, she would just kill all of them and declare herself the winner.»
Frowardd dickens and darwin would die from being old
rindolf Also: «Chuck Norris round house kicks doors open instead of using their keys. Summer Glau makes sure doors are open using her mind.»
Frowardd chuck norris would try to do some internet kung fu and fall over and break his hip
thomas0comer Chuck Norris is kinda old, can he still even manage a roundhouse?
rindolf thomas0comer: don't know.
XanT Dickens would always win by virtue of some rich contact/relative doing right by him.
Frowardd charlamaaaaaaaagne would rise from his grave as an angry fucked up drunk skeleton and stab everyone
rindolf Frowardd: heh.
SpicyLemon Charlemagne would come back as a Pokemon.
thomas0comer Dickens and Darwin would probably either get along well or debate vigorously while Charlamagne cuts Chuck Norris' legs off
diogenes chuck norris once fought bruce lee and now bruce lee is dead!
Hawat Causality!
Bucket Post hoc, ergo propter hoc, motherfucker!
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