#xkcd: Programming Languages’ Sex Talk - Fortune

#xkcd: Programming Languages’ Sex Talk

Bucket rindolf: I already had it that way
ephphatha time to kick aliens into orbit
rindolf It's not a failure, it's a motivation to improve.
njsg rindolf: failure is always an option except when your goal is to fail
njsg </fortune-cookie>
njsg rindolf: except in bed
Bucket I get great sex, except in bed.
rindolf njsg: heh.
rindolf njsg: in bed? Do you mean I make mistakes while sleeping?
rindolf njsg: "What is your favourite position? CTO!"
Walther Failures in bed mean you have sex that isn’t type-safe; otherwise you would catch the errors at compile time
rindolf Walther: heh, LOL.
Walther also, Haskell<3
njsg I have a lipht, my sex has no separate compile time
Walther bwhaha
* Walther has changed the topic to: It's programming language + sex hour at #xkcd! | SCOTUS says [corporate] religious freedom trumps equal benefits for women in 5-4 ruling, FML | Weekly Coffee Appreciation Day | It's put The0x539 in bucket hour! | mint hour | (association football) | knockout talk time | https://www.humblebundle.com/sgdq Ch
njsg wasn't there an UI toolkit called "sex"?
Fephisto sex-purity
SirCmpwn I once wrote an assembler called .orgASM
SirCmpwn (.org is an assembler directive)
bhuddah maybe we should invent the scripting language "innuendo"
rindolf Walther: Haskell Sex!
rindolf Walther: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/show.cgi?id=sharp-perlcafe-aleenas-little-perl-boys - see also this on #perlcafe many years ago.
njsg bhuddah: for inno setup, sounds like a good name
Walther rindolf: wonder if that can be pure, or just an IO action
Walther (if you know what i mean)
tomatosalad SirCmpwn: rcombs is always talking about libass
bhuddah njsg: and you get exactly what you asked for.
njsg Haskell Sex is great, but you don't remember any of it on the next morning, because it has no state
rindolf Walther: with Lady_Aleena who became Mistress_Aleena and Madame_Aleena.
SirCmpwn tomatosalad: well, yeah
rindolf njsg: heh, LOL.
SirCmpwn he's an irrational wizard
rindolf njsg: you crack me up.
rindolf njsg: maybe we need something like Smalltalk sex with a persistent VM.
rindolf Squeak FTW!
njsg lisp, as one of the only languages which can truly return multiple values, is the only way to have true multiple orgasms as a result of sex
rindolf Heh, someone I know will get the kick out of this conversation.
Walther rindolf: :'D
rindolf Geek pseudo sex-talk.
Walther Stateless sex could be a bit difficult to reach though, as it'd require a REST api, and you just might fall asleep
rindolf njsg: heh.
rindolf Walther: heh.
rindolf Walther++
Walther OTOH clean, stateful sex should be easy, with SOAP
rindolf Walther: SOAP! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Walther puts stateful sex with a SOAP in Bucket
* Bucket hands Walther another serving of rat oh vah in exchange for stateful sex with a SOAP
rindolf Walther: /me runs away in the opposite direction. No amount of sex is worth having to deal with SOAP.
rindolf There are some things even I won't do for sex.
njsg rindolf: just have sex over TCP, looks like a good protocol
rindolf And SOAP is one of them.
njsg crushes are UDP, love is TCP, sex is SOAP over HTTP
Walther and then there's the weird kid with the gopher
rindolf Well, I refuse to get paid to write Java enterprise software - http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/bits/Emma-Watson-applying-for-a-software-dev-job/ .
rindolf njsg: heh.
njsg at least nobody mentioned COBRA yet, others would go all OMG
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