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Shlomi Fish’s Comment on /r/depression

while some people seem to have better talent for some things from an early age (or what you call "age"), many great artists worked hard to acquire it. Furthermore, hard work can and should be a lot of fun, and it's important to also "Have a life" and eat&drink well ("Wine"), enjoy the company of people of any sex ("Women") and have clean , creative, recreational fun, however amateuristic or lame ("Song").

I've started writing about all that in an essay on my site which I called “Putting All Cards on the Table (2013)” and now I wish to combine it, with some newer and older insights into “Putting Many Cards on the Table (2015)” which will likely need to be updated in upcoming years as well.

Like the old (and wise) adage goes: “The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now”. What it implies in this context is that the earlier you start honing a skill, the sooner you will become better at it.

Anyway, what I suggest you do is go outside and socialise more: talk to people with dogs ("Hi! Nice dog! How is he called? How old is he? What kind of dog is it? What's your name? What do you do?") , interesting shirts, tattoos, etc. Also - make sure to talk to shop clerks, shop vendors, waiters/waitresses, barmen, baristas, etc..

One thing I learned from is that "Everyone can cook", or do most other stuff that was shown to be possible. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief (action) heroism is about bending the rules, and finding you own unique, resourceful and ingenius, "hacky" way to do things like David used a sling to shoot goliath instead of using a spear to fight him and most likely dying. My essay has a section about why David was an action hero and a "hacker", in a broad definition of the word.

Another advice I can give you is to accept the fact that you're depressed and be content. It's OK to be depressed, like this episode of Simsons illustrates: . Also, one of the the best ways to be happy is to be content with what you have and who you are and accept and love yourself. "He who has more is not happier than he who is content with less.".

Finally, I've recently been tweeting a lot (see my feed at ) about Darwinian Fitness which I believe is manifested in humans in (sexual) attractiveness, a.k.a: "hot"ness (which is not the same as beauty and I believe is more important), and which has a very good and positive correlation with competence a.k.a what Marx referred to as "able" in his “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” slogan.

Now, this fitness/attractiveness is not the same as the so-called Physical fitness and as I contemplated on a tweet, « , , or can get more and better dates when in a cranky mood, than the buffest obscure female body builder/"fitness" competitor on a good day.», and that's because they are more (biologically) fit. Moreover, in British slang "fit" came to mean a sexually desirable MOTAS regardless of how athletic he or she is.

If you still want to lose weight then I suggest following my variation on Maimonides' advice for dieting. Namely:

  1. Eat well, and eat what you feel like and want to.
  2. Don't eat in haste - eat in comfort and enjoy your meal.
  3. Eat according to the stomach - not according to the eye.
  4. Eat until you're 75% full - not until you're 100% full (and can't eat another bite).
  5. A bit minor, but my father kept eating food along with extra bread, so he'll feel more full, but I think it has an adversary effect.

Finally, there was this Slashdot feature which claimed that most men and women claimed that their male relatives were more intelligent than their female ones, and I believed the problem is that men and boys tend to be more confident than women and girls (or used to at least), and that implies taking more chances, being more sloppy, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and accepting the fact that some people will dislike you. After a while, I saw this music video by Christina Grimmie which has the very same theme, and this pet theory of mine was reinforced: .

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