Top vs. Bottom Posting - Fortune

Top vs. Bottom Posting

TDDPirate Shlomi_Fish and me engaged in a religious argument - top posting vs. bottom posting.
TDDPirate What is your side (Pepy)?
Pepy hmm
Pepy bottom posting
Pepy i guess
Pepy well,guess bottom posting is winning then
Shlomi_Fish Heh.
TDDPirate Pepy: may you be damned, filthy heretic! TOP POSTING IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE WAY ! ! ! !
Shlomi_Fish TDDPirate: you are past redemption, you archangel of evil!
TDDPirate Shlomi_Fish: not to speak of your vile and wicked bottom posting ways!
Pepy so
Pepy go go bottom posting
Shlomi_Fish Pepy: that’s the way to go.
TDDPirate The way to go - if you want to be DOOMED! TO! ETERNAL! FIRES! OF! HELL!
Shlomi_Fish Top posting is for the weak and timid! I will challenge all top-posters to a Batelath contest for undermining the HONOUR of the entire Klingon race!
TDDPirate Don’t dare to defile the honor of the honorable Klingon Race by dragging them into this argument!
Pepy Sujatlh ‘e’ yImev TodSaH!
Shlomi_Fish Pepy: nice klingon.
Pepy thanks shlomi
TDDPirate Is this Klingon? And if yes, what does this mean?
Pepy yes it is
Pepy and it means “shut up geeks”
Shlomi_Fish Pepy: I may be a geek, but I’m a true klingon geek-warrior!
TDDPirate Nice use of the language, Pepy.
Shlomi_Fish And a true Klingon geek warrior ALWAYS bottom-posts.
Pepy no no,true Klingons have power to change quoted tops
TDDPirate Pepy: do you mean that Klingons have the power to defile and make filthy of sacred E-mail messages?
Pepy no,but they’re used to “edit” history
Pepy ah, when they ask me how the hell I managed to write so good band propositions
Pepy I’ll tell em,the secret is to chat with geeks about top vs bottom posting
Channel Shlomi Fish, TDDPirate and Pepy
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Tagline Bottom vs. Top Posting.