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The browser for the social web

rindolf LumberCartel: hi, what's up? Long time.
LumberCartel Hi rindolf. Yeah, it has been quite some time. I've been very busy setting up and supporting networks, and creating interactive web sites (written in Perl, using PostgreSQL for the database; good stuff like that). How are you?
rindolf LumberCartel: I have a job.
LumberCartel rindolf: Congratulations! What are you doing for work?
rindolf LumberCartel: I'm doing Perl+Catlayst work for a Tel Aviv based startup.
LumberCartel rindolf: Very nice!
rindolf LumberCartel: and been working on Freecell Solver ( ) and
rindolf I converted the Black Hole Solitaire solver to C and it is now running faster, so I ran it on the first 1 million PySolFC deals.
rindolf About 86% of them are solvable.
LumberCartel Freecell solver? What are you trying to do? Make employees feel even more bored at their already-so-boring-that-they-play-Freecell jobs? Heheh.
rindolf LumberCartel: they should learn programming and help me with Freecell Solver. Then they won't be bored.
LumberCartel heheh.
* rindolf is going to delete ~/.flock/ - useless piece of sh*t.
LumberCartel Isn't Flock that thing that spun off from Netscape?
rindolf LumberCartel: Flock is the browser for the social web.
LumberCartel Yeah, that's the one.
rindolf LumberCartel: only I found it to be the unsocial browser .
[vlad] social web?
LumberCartel A handful of my customers still use Netscape 9. They tried Flock, and hated it.
LumberCartel Or is it Netscape 8? Ah, I don't care.
LumberCartel Most of my clients use Opera or Firefox these days.
rindolf LumberCartel: Netscape 9...
* LumberCartel laughs in appreciation for the version of Netscape.
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