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Summer Glau vs. Chuck Norris

rindolf Hi all.
Bucket hi rindolf
rindolf Lately, I have been thinking that maybe some of the Snowden leaks are actually the "achievements" of maniacal minds ( ) and don't work well in practise or at all.
rindolf Probably most of the NSA workers are either depressive, maniacal or schizophrenic by now.
rindolf Althir: awesome.
Bucket Wicked!
rindolf Is Bucket a bot?
Bucket no, I'm a folk singer
Althir ferret: Is Bucket real?
flyingferret Certainly not.
barometz You're all just imagining Bucket, then
rindolf Heh, heh.
rindolf I'm not real either.
rindolf «For all you know, you may not exist and Summer Glau convinced you that you do.»
rindolf ;-)
rindolf (Originally said about Chuck Norris.)
Althir I'd let Summer Glau convince me I'm alive.
rindolf Althir: heh.
rindolf Althir: I don't need to be convinced of that.
rindolf Althir: would you let Chuck Norris convince you that you're alive? ;-)
rindolf I wouldn't , but not sure I can resist.
Althir rindolf: Chuck Norris only convinces people they are deceased.
rindolf Althir: heh.
rindolf Althir: what about SGlau?
Althir Chuck Norris convinced Summer Glau to kick arse.
rindolf Althir: a true warrior brings life - not death.
Althir I think you misunderstand warfare.
rindolf Althir: destroying is easy (*cough Atilla the Hun *cough Genghis Khan) - value production is much harder.
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