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Surviving without "a"'s

anno may be neat, but hard to follow
anno not fore real code
Botje qubit: cute.
Botje *anno
Su-Shee how did you get.. ah. ;)
Su-Shee Botje: clean your a so you don't slide to the q ;)
Botje Su-Shee: switch from qwerty to azerty :p
Su-Shee :)
Botje ant i'm distracted
* Su-Shee steals Botje's a while he's distracted anyway...
Botje give th.t!!
Su-Shee lAlAlAlaaaaah! :)
Botje how will i cope without .n . key!
DrForr "h".chr(ord('b')-1)."t"...
anno 4in't th4t good enough
Su-Shee *hehe* ;)
Su-Shee take anno's. ;)
mst time for 4n 4cme module!
Su-Shee god what have I done.. ;)
DrForr lipogrammatical perl.
Su-Shee is that the opposite of lowfat c?
DrForr (lipograms are works with one letter not used...)
Su-Shee ah. of course. it's leipogramm in german..
anno hmm... lipos - fat, lipein - lack
anno ah, leipein
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Tagline Surviving without the letter "a".