kfogel is Paranoid on #svn - Fortune

kfogel is Paranoid on #svn

kfogel ghudson: there was a three hour difference, so people would have noticed the warnings
kfogel but yes, that's the only dfiference
kfogel i.e., you could theoretically test with the current test tarball
ghudson Yeah, not important for my purposes, is what I meant.
* kfogel is super paranoid and prefers testing of the real tarball, but has retained just enough sanity to know that this is paranoia...
kfogel "Why, what could *possibly* go wrong?"
* fitz watches kfogel's hair spontaneously combust
kfogel arrrrgh
CIA kfogel committed revision 7737: * CHANGES: Mention APR req upgrade for 0.33.
* rooneg wonders how kfogel will deal with having burning hair...
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