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"Real IDE" on #svn - The Subversion Channel.

sussman you need to use gdb in a real IDE, like emacs, or ddd.
sussman something that shows a pointer moving down your code.
rindolf sussman: IDEs are for wimps... ;-)
rindolf Seriously, sometimes invoking gdb is very quick and I'm accustomed to it.
rindolf ddd is quite on the heavy side.
rindolf "Programming happens in the mind, not in the IDE" --- Gil'ad Ben-Yossef
rindolf So does debugging.
sussman sure.
sussman why would you possibly want to see all your code at once?
sussman it's much easier to see single lines printed out and try to remember what the function looks like. :-)
rindolf ed, anyone? ;-)
rindolf "I wanna use ex and I wanna use vee (=vi). Ed is dead, ed is dead, baby!"
sussman "Ed is for people who can *remember* what they're working on."
* jackr remembers when he could remember what he was working on. Sometimes.
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