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Slashdot Comment about Subversion vs. Git

Linus isn't saying that CVS and Subversion have fixable bugs or missing features. It's not about the code.

He is saying that they solve the wrong problem. The Subversion team wants to solve Problem A, and Linus wants to solve Problem B. No amount of code will turn the solution to Problem A into a solution for Problem B. Bothering the Subversion team with code addressing Problem B will only irritate them, since they're working on Problem A.

The right way to handle differing goals is to start a different project. That's what he did.

Don't be confused by the labels. Source Code Management means different things to different people, and there isn't always much overlap in how each person defines it. Ships and airplanes are both 'vehicles', but that doesn't mean that a few changes will turn one to the other.

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