"Who killed ayita?" on Freenode #svn, The Subversion Channel. - Fortune

"Who killed ayita?" on Freenode #svn, The Subversion Channel.

rindolf ayita: kfogel interview is http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/07/27/1555228
ayita Thanks!
rindolf ayita: good girl.
rindolf ayita: kfogel interview?
rindolf ayita: kfogel interview?
* Dave` smells ayita timing out
darix ayita: index kfogel.*
darix you killed her it seems
rindolf darix: LOL
davidjames It's not nice to hurt people
Dave` Oh my god, they killed ayita!
sussman hiiiiiiiiiidey ho!
* rindolf quickly finds someone else to blame.
rindolf a scape-goat!
rindolf sussman: you'll be the ideal scape-goat for the murder of ayita.
sussman I think you'de be good at the 'werewolf' game
rindolf "You know it would be the easiest thing to blame it on Nanny."
rindolf "Let's do it then."
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