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The Messiah of Perl on Freenode's #perl

ubajas Technically, my first language was Turbo Pascal, but I started over with Perl 10 years later (not having programmed in the meantime). I'm obviously damaged goods.
iank ubajas: heh, I read that as "I started with (perl 10) (years later)" instead of "I started with perl (10 years later)" :)
rindolf Perl 10!
rindolf Perl for the Fourth Millenium.
jagerman I thought Perl 6 was supposed to be timeless
ubajas iank: Maybe I should have added a comma. :-]
jagerman Perl ∞
iank perl6 has existed since the beginning of time, or at least it will have existed since then once $Larry finds a time machine.
simcop2387 iank: i'm sorry but larry is the prophet i am the messanger! i will be the one to take it back!
iank WHAT.
simcop2387 iank: its MY TIME MACHINE!
* iank smacks simcop2387 around
jagerman iank: So it'll be like that Star Trek episode, where they say that the development of computers are caused by time travel from the future?
jagerman Except that they were too stupid (like most Voyager writers) to get their facts right, and thought computers started in the 70s
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